Sunday, May 29, 2011

What line does the Cohen come from? What line does the Levi come from?

This week we started reading numbers. That is what they call it in English not sure why as the hebrew word Bamidbar  means in the desert where God spoke to the nation of Israel to do a census. I guess people would find it more interesting if they called it numbers then "in the desert" since that is what they are doing here is a census in the desert.

But anyway, this weeks bible reading it discusses the activities of the Levites in Chapter 3 and 4. It seems the Levites are anyone from the son of the Levites.

The Cohen is anyone from the two remaining sons of Aaron and his descendants  It is interesting that Aaron and his sons are Levites themselves from the son of Kahat, who had their own responsibilities in the Mishkan. So I am concluding here that Aaron and his sons were elevated above the Levites and the specific role of Kahat which the other three children of Kahat engaged in. Here is the  link from the bible reading that discusses Aaron's lineage.
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It is interesting there seem to be more Cohen's then Levites even though you would think otherwise since Cohen's actually are a small subset of the Levite tribe. Feel free if you have any additional insight into this.

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