Sunday, May 29, 2011

Tough situation I'm in. Why I am so against feminism? My family supporting drugging up boys and men including myself

If they don't fit the agenda.

Throughout my prime years my parents (in the past don't know if that is still the case) didn't care about my ability to make a living. This happened a number of times in my 20's and in my mid 20's I lived with a women and daughter from India

because I was afraid to live with a Jewish family. Then one year I found a book in my parents house which they had things underlined saying it is ok for women to get upset and out of control at certain times of the month and they have no longer and it is all because men control everything. It was pure hatred. And it was underlined. Of course I complain about it and people tell me well you don't have the right to complain about books your parents read. That was my mothers brother. The Rabbi of course said "just get over it". I'm sure if this was a book with a man making excuses for being out of control they wouldn't just say get over it.

My father then tried to get back at me by claiming I was mentally ill and needed medication and if I took medication all problems would be solved and I was the blame for all the family problems. I explained my concern over 5 times he was at my apartment and he used this to take advantage and blame me. On top of this I had some issues at the time with a job (checks were bouncing) that my father couldn't care less about. I mean I was about 30 at the time and any decent family would put their own personal concerns aside since I am already not a kid anymore and 30 years old. To do what my father wanted I would have quit my job and anyone taking pills wasn't going to solve the problem. And he was going to sit there all afternoon and not leave me alone. I was incensed that I spoke to him privately about certain concerns and he used that against me. So I just told him to leave and if not I would call the police. Was it nice! No! But I couldn't have him do this which was just completely wrong to do this to a 30 years old man who is trying to make a living as he should.

My whole fathers side of the family SUPPORTED MY FATHER including my Uncle in Queens who got on the phone and bragged and said if his son did this he would throw him out on the street. I hav never spoken to this Uncle but the rest of the family also said I should do this and I would lose my job which thankfully didn't happen and I worked straight for 6 and a half years. Although having this done to me of course made it impossible to me to have my family help me out as if I lost my job they would turn on me again. It seems to have got a little better but I really don't know to be honest. MY family what they have done is just terrible to not care about a man in his prime to be able to make a living. My Uncle gave me advice to work in a small accounting firms which I don't know if it was the best advice. Does he care? I don't know and nobody else did that who got a degree in accounting. They all worked for large firms.

Furthermore, at this point sadly I am without a job and I didn't qualify for unemployed this time (worked as an independent contractor for 5 of the 8 month I have worked recently) and I only have a little money saved. Is there anyone to trust in my family. I don't know anymore. They would not care if I was mistreated. It is just amazing my family supports giving boys to the molech which in their case seems to be the feminist gods that they don't care about men because they have it easy and have been oppressing women for thousands of years and they only care about women getting equal wages and getting "what men get". Real men suffering maybe just an act for men who want to oppress women again. I guess so. :(

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SouthernBelle Rivky said...

I don't know what to say except, I'm sorry bad things happened your way. Hopefully great things coming your way soon though!!