Sunday, May 15, 2011

Thoughts on these comments made by Savage. (Watch Video)

Overall I have mixed feeling about Michael Savage. Firstly he himself has never been in the military which is very relevant to this piece. He believes Jonathan Pollard should rot in jail for the rest of his life and has said in the past that Israel should bring back Golda Meir (not literally obviously) and that she was the best PM which actually under Golda Meir more Jewish male solders died in one day during the Yom Kippur war (which actually the biblical day of Yom Kippur based on the new moon was two days later when they started winning the war )then any other war during this "surprise" attack. Also Savage loves to say that Judaism and Christinaity had a reformation but Islam didn't. All I can say as a Jew is I don't see much evidence that Orthodox Judaism had a "reformation". As someone going to Jewish day school we were taught about the different death penalties with the only thing being said was that if we kill more then one person in 70 years that is murderous Beit Din and that since adultery is common we don't put people to death as Savage mentions adultery in this video

Adultery is considered a man having relations with a woman married to another man. And the reason it is such a serious crime is it harms children if a woman would become pregnant from a man that isn't her husband and he is forced to take of another man's child. It is to protect children who are at the mercy of parents.

Anyway this piece made by the snobs at Yeshiva world that no man can ever say anything against the Rabbi's

But interestingly I sort of agree that who are the religious to tell others how to live their lives. My bigget reason though is because they take more money from the government then secular people do who contribute more to Israel and the economy and take less. Men that just take from the government shouldn't be telling other how to behave.

In terms of the military I do think many men serve although they will do whatever the government says even when they are used as pawns and are not helping stop anything and only emboldens. Also men aren't working together which also is not helping our own situation. As strong men that are not unified and don't trust each other won't win and don't really their own life which only makes our enemy think we are immoral if we don't really care about our own life and are more concerned about the enemies life.

Any other thoughts on this. Also I don't know where Savage gets this idea of 100,000's of years in which these idea's were presented.

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