Saturday, May 14, 2011

Spent Friday night with part of my family that of course wants unlimited health benefits for government workers.

My female so called religion cousin that has 9 kids I spent Friday night with. I did give them 6 MP3 players since they have invited me for meals. She makes excuses for why government workers deserve health care for the rest of their life which taxpayers have to pay for. Taking for others is no problem to her as if the rest of us who aren't part of her in group should just have to pay for her.   Her excuse is well that is why they take less money. That is nonsense. They get less money because they weren't able to get a job in the private sector. As usually the A students don't take government jobs. The husband is a man that makes his living by labeling children with development delays at 0-3 years old!! so they can get government money. His father was a therapist which I am sure to create conflict and problems was good for business. These are the kind of men that the so called religious world likes though. Men that just undermine other men. Oganized Judaism is just male leaders putting down other men and making women feel better about that sexist bible. It is just amazing for people that have children that can take care of them when they are older yet their level of greed and taking from others to something they feel they are entitled to has no bounds as the reason people use to have children among other  reasons is they didn't expect a government to take care of them. Now you have those that have children and they want government money from others too. And she starts asking me well what do I think the government should provide as if she is a spokeswoman for the mostly men in the government. They can be strict on Shabbos yet taking from others doesn't phase them in the least.

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