Monday, May 30, 2011

A so called "Female Friend" on Facebook claims Israel is part of the world order.

Uh-huh. Yeah. Sure. Feminists at the end of the day will never like the Jewish people by what the bible says and they will not support Israel.

Just became a friend because she also listened to the Michael Savage show. But I commented on a post she made about a man that discusses that women today are wacked out which is a little harsh but her response is well men are narcissistic as well. Which regardless I said that the snake first focused on getting the woman off the path and women being as this guy say "wacked out' is an issue regardless of men.

So after this she posts on a group she created that I was part of related to Israel (about Glenn Beck who I don't trust) that she doesn't care about Israel and that it is a land dispute and Israel is part of the world order. And that Jews are socialist. OK. Stalin wasn't Jewish. Poll Pot wasn't Jewish. Gandi who his own brand of socialism not quite as strident but ruined the economy of India which once was a great economy was not Jewish. It is amazing because she didn't like my comment she attacks Israel and makes some absurd claims.

It just shows to me again how feminism will always be against the Jewish bible unless they are liberals and don't really support the bible. Feminism is about envy and we should all be the same. Why should the Jewish people have a history that is different or God giving them certain requirements like not eating certain foods that are specifically based on them being freed from Egypt.

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