Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Should I start a blog on taxes and accounting.

Obviously if I did that I would do a different blog and not link it to this one. But I am at a two day seminar today and tomorrow that is $60 for 2 days and 12 CPE credits, the years technology exhibit with some accounting CPE's as well.  One of the lectures I chose dealt with networking and one idea was to have a professional blog to show what you know as by doing this you can attract clients. And try to update the blog at least once a week. You can show your expertise in some area's that someone may need you.


SouthernBelle Rivky said...

Of course you should have a professional blog! The bigger question is why haven't you? I use to have one though since I'm not in my usual geography I shelved it for a while.

And why wouldn't you want to link to this blog? Don't you think everyone wants to know what a charming kind of guy you are ;)

Have a good shabbos, even though not a surprise anymore :)

Analytical Adam said...

Thank You!! You too. :)

Analytical Adam said...

Well the reason I would worry about having this blog posted is you know it could offend the EEOC as I don't religious beliefs can be an exception. And they could send a spy to my job. If you have less then 15 some of it doesn't apply but I have heard the EEOC just do things that are crazy. From John Stoseel. He says cleaners can't charge more for a female dress that takes longer to clean then some male form of clothing in a similar part of the copy.