Monday, May 09, 2011

A real "religious" leader practices justice. Not think it is their job to "save" women

From other men which in many cases in not justice. Recently we read in Leviticus Chapter 19:15 you shall not render an unfair decision do not favor the poor or show deference to the rich, judge your kinsman fairly. Just because someone is poor and one person is rich the poor person is therefore must be the victim. Same thing in disputes between a husband or wife. Just because a man is a few inches taller doesn't mean he is guilty because the woman says he is. That is not justice. In fact that suggests that a so called religious leader sees other men as the enemy that he has to protect women from who the women "decided" to marry with her own free will. This doesn't mean there can't be problems after but to act like she is just a pure "passive' victim in this problem between them is just perverted.

But sadly most religious leaders in my own religion of all denominations (and it seems in some others as well although I know less about that) think it is their duty to save women who are married to other men and to be honest with you we might as well have Polygamy and have the religious male leader married to all the women since the husband clearly is the enemy of the women and the only good man is the male religious leader on top who has to protect the women. Obviously the marriages are forced upon the women as only the male religious leader cares about women. The rest of us men are just evil. This is like the worst of pyramid schemes and very immoral behavior by so called "religious" leaders. Sadly some women go along with it as well in this too good to be true pyramid scheme that they really would benefit by listening to their husband then listening to some Rabbi.

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