Monday, May 09, 2011

Rabbi’s that support feminism and its socialism are also “evil men” at the end of the day.

All men are part of this evil group that has been abusing women for 5,000 years which is how they are better in certain areas in all cultures so no man can be good. That is a basic feminist ideology. And women have to organize like gangs because of these evil men. Abusing women comes "naturally" to men according to them.

I am just talking to a woman who calls Rabbis perverts, doesn’t care much for the Talmud but still is involved with Rabbis because they do support anti-torah ideas against men and fathers and their whole existence is envy of men and looking at what men have and wanting male leaders that mistreat other men which this women knows about and this doesn’t stop her from at least on a temporary basis supporting the Rabbi even though deep down she hates everything they stand for but are useful morons for their temporary purpose of using these dumb male so called religious leaders to hurt other men. Once they use the Rabbi for their selfish end though according to feminists all men are part of this evil group that has been abusing women for 5,000 years which is how they are better in certain area’s in all cultures. So clearly the Rabbis are men at the end of the day even though women will use them as a temporary alliance because being the rat they are they like to hurt other men.

It is similar to Jews that turned over Jews to the Nazi and were able to live a little longer. Of course at the end of the day they are evil Jews regardless and they will be killed in the end just like every other Jew. Same think will God willing happen to these Rabbis that distort God’s word and also to other religious leaders including Karaites that do the same.

Or arabs that always hide behind Jews that would like to give up Israel. Of course these Jews in the end while serving a temporary useful purpose will in the end if God forbid their agenda comes to fruition be killed with the rest of their brethren.

Same with the feminist and their hatred of God and using Rabbi’s that think they can remake the torah to pander to feminist. They in the end the Rabb's will be turned against to (if God forbid their agenda's came to pass which the Rabbi's thank God have limited power) since they are men as well and to feminists all men are evil and naturally abuse women.

This is what I wrote before my computer starting acting up that sort of adds a little to what I said.

  #1 God is not with you but #2 playing to envy politics will sooner of later will turn on you as well once you don't serve this purpose of hurting others because after all you are in an all male profession that being a woman automatically disqualifiies you which doesn't bother the women if the Rabbi's will mistreat other men at least temporarily.


Johnny D said...

Why is it so hard for you to tell the difference between plurals and possessives? All words that end in s don't need an apostrophe. Only if they are showing possession, like the 'Rabbi's idea', or 'Adam's blog', for example. If you are talking about a bunch of Rabbis, like 'Rabbis talk about things', then no apostrophe is needed. It's 3rd grade grammar. You're welcome.

Johnny D said...

In fact, not one single use of the word Rabbis in your post needed an apostrophe. Do you do this because of your contempt and hatred of them, so you intentionally "spell" the word wrong? Just curious. You seem so angry all of the time, that can't be healthy.

Analytical Adam said...

Well my Grammar is not perfect and thank you for commenting on this.

As to the rest of your point there are time where a person should be angry. God in the bible gets angry.
Should we tell God anger is wrong.

Furthermore, the Rabbis do support throwing fathers out of the home for the slightest wrong if the man is not rich and/or politically connected and that being the case yes they hate me because I am a man that isn't rich or well connected and question things and if that is the case that they hate me why should I like them. Single mother homes have much higher rates of child abuse and are bad for children.

Analytical Adam said...

Also you sound like someone who after they mistreated someone would then tell that person well "they shouldn't be angry they were taken advantage of.

I'm sure you may be married because some women today like men who like to tell other men who have been treated unjustly that they shouldn't be upset and it isn't healthy for them to be upset meaning blame them. It is pathetic that some women reward men like this and reward male Rabbis as well who taken advantage of men who aren't rich but sooner or later this will come back at them because after all they themselves are men. And men are by nature nonspiritual and evil

Johnny D said...

You can tell all that about me by my comment that you overuse apostrophes and that you seem angry most of the time? Wow, you have missed your calling as a psychic. You ARE angry in many of your posts, if you can't see that you come across like that, then I don't understand what you are trying to say at all.

Analytical Adam said...

Uh. In some of my posts I am angry. In others I am not . But, so what? Is this illegal? Then clearly the Rabbis and you obviously hate the God of Israel since at times my God is angry which obviously according to you and the Rabbis is not allowed as God also should just bow to you and the Rabbis and never be angry at you.

Rabbis are men. And according to them all men are guilty until proven innocent. So the same for them. Most of them are lowlifes of the highest order and you telling me it is wrong for me to be angry because I don't bow down to these lowlifes just makes me feel they are even lowlifes then I thought they were.

What a scumbag you are. You sound like a thug to me. Which I understand since I don't bow down to the Rabbis I am not allowed to have an opinion and never allowed to be angry. You support this kind of evil behavior because you are the same way.

You should move to North Korea where anyone who doesn't bow down to the leader they are arrested and put in jail and they deserve it and shouldn't be angry or complain.

You defend the thug behaviors of the Rabbis because I get that you are a thug as well IMO. I know you can't handle the fact that I don't bow down to you and that you are a petty loser that may have friends that also are petty losers as well.

Losers that are nothing but that grammar police and have nothing else to say. Why don't they create their own blog devoted to grammar. Because nobody read their blog so all they can do is criticize others.

Johnny D said...

And again, you jump to a million conclusions because of one true comment I made. I don't worship Rabbis, and where do you get off commenting that I am a loser and so are my friends(!) because I stated that you seem angry. You just proved my point by jumping all over me with your overactive imagination. Your perceptions of me are wrong. I wouldn't hurt a fly, I am not a thug. If I was a thug, would I be concerned about all of your displaced anger? And I couldn't care less about Rabbis or their agenda.
Let me tell you what I think about you now, based on your blog. You are sexually frustrated, and are in desperate need of a wife to push around. Good luck with that buddy, since you are middle aged and have zero prospects.
No one would read a grammar blog, but who reads your blog? It looks like all of your comments come from one person. I only stumbled on here because I saw all of your crazy posts on another site, and I wanted to see if you were as angry and delusional as you seemed on that site. Turns out you are.
I never said you weren't allowed to be angry or have an opinion, that's what America is all about. But the way that you yell at someone who comments on your blog when you beg for comments is ridiculous and uncalled for.

Analytical Adam said...

Then ignore my opinion if you feel my opinion is wrong. You seem to be angry at my opinions of you. You don't even practice what you preach in my opinion. Don't get angry at me. Anger is not allowed.

Analytical Adam said...

By the way there was a problem with blogs so some comments were erased that were made 2-3 days ago including a recent post that I did. Hopefully this will be fixed. Otherwise I have to redo my post.

SouthernBelle Rivky said...

I'm having withdrawals from not being able to haunt my usual blogs!!!!

Mr. Adam is actually a big mentch and a unique kind of guy. He'd make a great husband for a lucky girl (and father) that has similar values to him. Kind of old fashioned sort I think, so nice. Oh of course I might be the tiniest bit biased as the unofficial blog groupie (hehe)

When I was getting some crude emails from fake religious guys (the jerk(s) know who they are) Mr. Adam was very supportive and so sensitive offline. Mr. Adam isn't a creep guy like that. Those guys are horrible. Mr. Adam is classy and honorable :)

I think Mr. Adam's spelling and typos are kind of fun most of the time, except when leaving out 'not' or wrong word choice can be obviously confusing. Lots of guys and some women do that too and are intelligent people. Mr. Adam is numbers kind of guy. Otherwise no harm :)

Good shabbos (even though no longer a surprise..... :)

Analytical Adam said...

Actually you did surprise me as you haven't posted in a while and it is really nice to hear from you as my hours have been reduced and didn't work at all this week and am a little down and you really lifted my mood up. You're other comment as well which is a good question.

To be fair about it growing up I was very poor in my reading and writing skills (sadly I had was very good in Math but little else including poor social skills and at this point in my life I have more balance in my skills) but I guess sometimes when I am writing fast or my computer acts wonky there will be more mistakes.

Also, I'm sure most people who don't do writing and editing for a living who have above average writing skills make grammar errors at time. I sometimes make mistakes in number too even though I am good in that area.

It is really nice to hear from you though and you did surprise me as I wasn't expecting you to comment on my blog.

SouthernBelle Rivky said...

Mr. Adam!!! Shavua tov!!!! Hope you're feeling better! You used my favorite word of the day, wonky! That's a great word..hehehe :)

This means you get a trip to the prize vault. What prize does Mr. Adam want :)

Analytical Adam said...

Thanks. It was ok. Have to call unemployment since my claim is over a year old since I Have been working since February but now my hours have been cut down.

I think I want a date. But it is hard to be a man today.

Analytical Adam said...

I will check the OU job board as well.

Analytical Adam said...

Thanks for the tip.

SouthernBelle Rivky said...

Mr. Adam went for the grand prize and won :)
Hope everything else goes well for you too. When Mr. Adam gets new job, I think he need to buy the blog a round of scotch...hehehe (the good stuff too :)

SouthernBelle Rivky said...

Oh also noticed when Mr. Adam won trip to prize vault, he wants to share prize too. Nice mentch guy, the kind that will share his last cracker :)