Sunday, May 29, 2011

Rabbi Mayer Schiller, MTA, and the disgusting New Square community.

(Update: Anyway, I should add this anger is towards the leadership of New Square and not to the people who were born into the community which obviously is beyond their control. And at MTA and the parents who don't really care about their sons to have no issue with Rabbi Schiller and let him "teach" your son).

Sad to say. In the so called religious world people don't really care about Jewish boys (I don't consider a 17 year old a full adult) and  their well being. As a 17 year old teenager this was the so called Rabbi I had at MTA. The high school of YU. Who is Rabbi Schiller? He is a hockey coach among other things but there are more important things then a boy shooting a puck or bouncing a ball.

But anyway who is Rabbi Schiller? He is a BT who is a spokesmouth for the New Square community and an anti-zionist as well. I remember he use to just bash everyone else. He also believes in this evil theory of race separation between blacks and whites which is just disgusting although MTA has told him he is not allowed to speak about his. Sometimes in fact people who have extreme appearances it may help to marry from a different type of appearance. But it all is based on physical appearance which is just pure evil.

But as we are finding out New Square is a community that is a complete cult. with the news of this trying to burn down mans house because, horror of horrors he didn't want pray in the shul of New Square. Before that they were slashing his tires to which the town of Ramapo and the police did nothing to help this family from the abuse they were taking likely for political reasons. Which just disgusts me  as I grew up in Monsey which also is part of the town of Ramapo.

So they have a man at MTA who is part of a community that engages in violence towards anyone who doesn't worship the head Rabbi, is anti-ziionist, supports race separation. I guess because he is a hockey coach that is more important then a boy having some sense of morality and they give a job to such an immoral man. Yet nobody cares about boys having morality. They reward a sick disgusting man like this as a man to influence Jewish teenagers. It is terrible.

New Square also I saw on you tube had teenage boys ages 16-20 in dorms shutting off or not having  fire alarms not sure why. That really is sick and a man from a community like this is teaching 17 year old boys.


Anonymous said...

you are obviously not athletic enough to shoot a puck or a bouncing ball which is why you start your rant there. Race separation and having whites as a minority in this country in a few years intermarrying with jewish girls and selling drugs in public schools, wearing their pants down to their balls and keeping whites terrified with political correctness which works only one way is not the same thing. If you are not a coward i trust you will approve this message eventhough this blog is obviously for comments that only agree with your rant. Go marry an african american, or better yet let your daughter date one. Vote for Obama so he can take away medicare from your parents and grandparents and patch them up and ship them out to a nursing home where they will be milked for all they got until nothing is left and than be offered medicaid. I guess you are out of luck because there goes your inheritance. Unfortunately you will need it with the state of the economy and your lack of common sense you displayed in your rant. Lets go Rangers!!!

Analytical Adam said...

You're comments speak for themselves. I am sorry you are such a brainless thug. If someone if of good character the color of their skin is not the issue. If my son or daughter wanted to date someone who was dark or black skinned and had good character no I would not have a problem with it.

What the heck does this have to do with Obama?? Listen, brainless. Have you heard of Clarence Thomas.

Continue to watch players hit a puck, you racist moron.

What about someone that is the child of an interracial marriage. Where do they do according to this racist lowlife Rabbi Schiller since they aren't allowed to live together those of light and black skin. I know that requires too much thought on your part.

JEWISH WOMEN ARE DATING AFRICAN AMERICAN MEN? So who do you blame for that if this is true. Obviously you don't have much to offer to them.