Sunday, May 29, 2011

Only 22,273 first born men out of 603, 550 Jewish men.

See Numbers 2:32, 3:43.

Anyway, that does seem odd? This from the census. That is about 1/30 men was a first born. You would think it was maybe 1/8 if the average had 4 boys and there was a 50% the first born would be a male. From reading this the average family had 2-5 boys when you read the lineage. Unless some of the first born men did not make out of Egypt and only a small remnant remained. That is all I can think that it was such a low percent. Any other ideas? Maybe they did not put this marking on their house so God did kill their first born son as they didn't listen to God.

Interesting also there was only 22,000 Levites which 273 first born were not replaced by a Levite so they give 5 Shekels per first born not accounted for which is the valuation of a boy between 1 month and 5 years (see Leviticus 27:6) which I guess they went using the lowest valuation of men for the remainder. I guess then the most valued first born men are counted first to be replaced with a Levites.

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