Sunday, May 22, 2011

The number 7 seems to be a special number in the bible.

That is what I observe. In Leviticus 25 it talks about having 7 year cycle of the land with the 7th year not working the land and after 7 of these cycles which is 49 years you have a 50th year that is a Jubilee year.

Today (as far as I know) I hope it isn't being researched we don't know what the Jubilee year is although I wonder how they figured out when the Shmita year is since we were out of the land so long. Maybe some who were in Israel kept track. I don't know. But if they kept track of that I would think they would know when the Jubilee year is.

Throughout the whole world they keep a 7 day work. This clearly to me suggests that the whole world must have originated from Adan and Even and Noah and his wife and this is known everywhere which is why even though there are different languages throughout the world everyone has a 7 day week which they may have different names for it. This was  something I read in a book by Rabbi Daniel Lapin about the 7 day week phenomena and I agree with him here. Further, me mentions how in the former USSR they wanted to adopt a 5 day week. Why? 5 is more divisible by 365.  It don't think it happened. However, the number 5 in some situations clearly shows love of the socialist/communist viewpoint. Why do I say that?

Joseph in his dream also made a prophecy a 7 good years and 7 lean years. (Genesis 41:25)

Socialists however in the USSR and other socialist agenda's like to use 5 year plans for various goals. Similarly the public school system in the United States has 5 year plans for various goals. Is it a coincidence. Maybe. But they likely looked to the Soviet model in which centralized planners used 5 year intervals which 5 appeals to the mathematics types although clearly the number of days in the week was NOT created by a mathematician.

It is interesting because I am currently reading the book the Politically Incorrect Guide to Socialism and the 5 year plan comes up in most socialist institution which the book shows how much the Public schools are and it is behind the times. Part of this idea which I did not know came from Calvanism which this group wanted to indoctrinate children and the best way to do that to force them to go to a school that they have to go to without any alternatives. Also this idea of "small class size" actually is just for the teachers that want less students (less work) but unless it is a really small class it doesn't make a difference as anything over 15 it doesn't have much of an effect.

So I think sometimes the number 7 or 5 may have meaning of where that person's ideology lies although of course many times it just may be done without thinking.

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