Monday, May 30, 2011

Nehemiah Gordon answered some of my questions.

So it seems I was correct on what a Cohen and Levi is as Nehemiah discusses it here. Here is the video link. Click Here.

It is funny he is talking about mixing seeds and how Judaism has become mixed with other religions which God didn't want. However, I think Nehemiah is guilty of this as well as his books prayer to my father and calling God your father is more a product of Christianity that calls God the father and Jesus the son. He also isn't bothered by nonjews and their worship while he is bothered by Rabbinic Judaism and I am offended by the double standard. Especially since he lives in Israel. I do think that worshipping Jesus is downgrading God and I notice it is mostly women who do this which I can understand it is easier for a woman to love a man then for a man to see another man in the same light without any flaws. This posting on their facebook page had 13 or 14 woman like it and only 3 or 4 men. Which is a very poor ratio.

It is sad that many Jewish people don't even know he exists and his double standard will keep it this way. He of course unfriended me for criticizing me which the thin skin of religious leaders of all types is really bad news.

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