Sunday, May 22, 2011

Immoral Rabbi Yisrael Rozen of Zomet claims "technology advancement is a gift from God

Please. If you either a Jew or Christian or anyone else who sincerely cares about Israel DO NOT give to this group Zomet.This group was being promoted by Chrstian Friends of Israeli Communities.The founders are Jews women who live in Israel and sadly they seem to promote the socialist/feminist agenda that many Rabbis support for their own career ambitions that help themselves but not the Jewish people as a whole.

Rabbi Rozen makes this crazy claim that "Technology advancement is a gift  from God". Never gives credit to others. Oh really!! You mean computers came down from the sky. This is unbelievable. Thankfully some countries reward research and allow competition that allows men to create innovations. It did not come for the sky!! To not be able to give credit to other men who are mostly responsible for this is just disgusting. If Rabbis like this had power we would all be living without any innovation because they think invention just happens and have no clue as the kind of environment that leads to innovation as what is important to them is promoting themselves and their agendas . Shira Schwartz who in her article mentioned this group sadly also has problems giving credit to men obviously.

Rabbi's Rozen wants Zomet to deal with ethics on important issues? . Oh really!! You already have showed Rabbi Rozen you have no ethics since an ethical decent person can give credit to other men which you seem unable to do. He also claims that science has worked "wonders" for fertility. Sorry, I have to disagree. Birth rates overall are down from 40 years ago and that is across all age ranges for women. If a Rabbi Rozen thinks "science' is going to solve our fertility problems he clearly lacks basic humility and doesn't care much for relations between a husband and wife since fertility has a human element to it.  Throughout the world fertility rates are going down and Israel is barely above replacement value at 2.3. Socialists/feminists are the only ones who think science can solve a problem that has a human element to it and in addition science can't change the aging process. Since Rabbi Rozen seems to think nothing of human relations how can he promote ethics unless they are the ethics he and his little clique think are right.

Giving to this group will only help these male leaders and their families push their agenda but no one else and therefore will lead to more tyranny of the Jewish people by these corrupt male leaders.

Fertility does depend on Jews following the torah as well as God says if we follow the torah we will be fertile and if not we won't be. Leviticus 26:9 "I will turn my attention to you. I will make you fruitful and increase you and I will establish my covenant with you".

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