Sunday, May 08, 2011

It is no accident that in every socialist countries the "social planners" live much better then everyone else.

In the name of promoting "equality" of result they live better then everyone else not letting someone else be more successful then another. This is why some leaders actually want "socialism" for their country. As it gives then more power to watch to make sure everyone else is ahem "equal" while of course the people enforcing this system will need to be "more equal" to enforce this. So it is all a power grab by playing to envy of someone else.

The only thing people a legal entity of the government should enforce is "fair weights and measures" and "justice". One of the basic laws in the bible. That is not though to force equality of result regardless of talent work put in and future ability to provide this product or service. (Leviticus 19:15 & 19:35)

This was an observation from the book I am reading the Politically Incorrect Guide to Socialism which to be fair I have noticed this myself with those who make a living by "promoting so called equality of result become very affluent from the so called "equality" they are promoting.

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