Saturday, May 14, 2011

I Thank God that the so called religous men "Orthodox Rabbis have little power.

At least in the US. In Israel I think they are giving too much power that really isn't warranted as they have distorted the Torah as well to fit their agendas and lie about other groups. 
As if they did God forbid I may not even be alive today or be in some kind of reeducation camp that I don't worship the  Rabbi's and have had issues that don't fit their dogma. I am not joking. 8 years ago my father (who has very few male friends) was obsessed that some drug would solve the family problems and the religious world as well loves putting boys on drugs. If that didn't work though what would he do. Put me on a higher and higher dose until I am dead. Thank God I said no and kicked him out and was able to get a job at the time. If the religious controlled everything they would never give a guy a job that doesn't fit their politics. So I thank God every day they have little power as someone like my father a married man with 31 female friends and 11 male friends is ok but I am the bad guy.

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