Monday, May 30, 2011

Helping a widows children witht their tax returns.

She wants me to check them. I did hers for free but for her kids I want to get paid. I told them I need the money. They both are doing pretty well.  I was going to charge each $100 which isn't a lot. They would give me lunch but at the moment I really need some money to go over there rather then spend my time on my job search.

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SouthernBelle Rivky said...

You should charge for your time, effort, not to mention expertise is valuable. By giving away, you are implying it isn't worth charging. You can definitely give break sometimes, especially if people can refer other paying clients to you, then do freebie now and then. You can also barter services that you'd normally pay for, that is also good too. Besides, if they bought TurboTax for federal and state and spend a few hours entering the information, they'd be out close to the same price without professional quality.

You don't want to get caught into a cycle of doing free work and then getting referred for more free work. By free, meaning you aren't getting anything out of it, either pay or services. Meanwhile they would be willing to pay someone else, but you available for free. Gee, who wouldn't want that? I'd like price of free for stuff too. Bet you do too!

The other thing I'm thinking is even if you do for free, you might be held professional liable if you made an error. Or if they did something fishy and you end up having to deal with IRS over what you thought was something simple because you handle the return. (I'm not accusing you of anything, just sure if this kind of liability applies in your field).