Thursday, May 26, 2011

Does the Torah view a woman as 3/5ths of a man per Leviticus 27?

Of course not! Not anymore then it views a man over 60 only 3/10ths of a man or only half a woman between 20-60. Some are likely wondering. What the heck is this guy talking about.

In Leviticus 27 it talks about giving the equivalent of a human being. It then gives valuation for different ages. 20-60 for men is 50 Shekels and 20-60 for women is 30 Shekels and over 60 is 15 for men and 10 for women.

I guess it could be yourself or someone else. As they even talk about for a male or female under 20.

I think this is an "average" valuation . I would think this is a valuation of a persons worth in the outside world in terms of work as you are giving yourself as opposed to using yourself for other purposes just like you would give an animal that otherwise you would use for food production or other purposes. This being the case I would think some men are worth men then others. And some women may be worth more then men in the outside world of supply and demand but overall their average value is less.

It is interesting that until the EEOC came along in the 1964 civil rights act on average a woman made about 60% of what a man made. This was on "average". No one decided to just make a woman's salary 40% less. Of course this likely offends feminists who view the bible as a book written by male chauvinists to oppress women and hiding behind God to do so..  Woman actually who never got married in the 1950's made only 2% less (and age 45-54 made more)  which shows that this whole idea of discrimination is not true as it has more to do with life choice. See Link.  It is men who get paid less by John Leo

The end result has been men wages going down while women wages are about the same and that is how equality is being reached sadly. Which doesn't benefit anyone as beforehand there really wasn't discrimination and companies starting wages are pushed down for men to be at the same level as women because the company can't afford to raise women salaries so the general effect is for salaries for certain jobs to go down factoring in the fact that woman have higher turnover rates and in areas woman are just by nature less interested in and therefore are generally less advanced and aren't as quick in areas that you use spacial skilsl which men have the advantage in that area. Male and Female Wages

It also is interesting that 20-60 is your prime. After age 45 physically and mentally we are clearly no longer in our prime but we do have life experience and are still relatively fit physically in most cases that are experience makes up for physically being not in your prime.

After age 60 already experience does not overcome the fact that physically and mentally you are less capable.

Of course we now have these  laws that you can't discriminate against those over 40. At the end of the day I am willing to bet that it actually makes it harder for those over 40 not easier because companies are worried about lawsuits and the fact is really those between 40-60 have enough to be marketable without these laws which likely leads to less hiring because they are worried about lawsuits.

Interesting the age you can start taking retirement without penalty is "59 and a half" which did this idea in the bible impact this law. Maybe. I think making the voting age originally at 21 was related to the idea in the bible that you are an adult at 20.

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