Monday, May 30, 2011

Do you think DSK is guilty of rape?

I really don't think Dominic Strauss-Kahn is guilty. The biggest issue I have is he is 62 years old and the maid who is making this accusation is 32 years old?

With this age difference she may be stronger then he is. I don't see how a 62 year old man can overpower a 32 year old woman. It is very hard for a man over 60 and being of this advanced age to rape a woman.

It seems like it may be extortion.

Also it is interesting that she is Muslim and he is Jewish. Yes, he is a socialist and some say he was a womanizer but that doesn't make him a rapist because she says so. I know there was some evidence but It doesn't prove rape.


Anonymous said...

Don't be ridiculous. Plenty of men over 60 are extremely strong. You aren't making any sense. Arnold Schwarzenegger is over 60- can he overpower a 32 year old woman? Of course he can. The man you are speaking of is a known predator. Duh.

Analytical Adam said...

Huh. So if Schwarzenegger can (and he is no longer in great shape and he was a professional body builder) that means all men can do the same!! That is not very logical.

Should we compare the 32 year old woman to a 32 year old woman who is a body builder since you are comparing DLK to a man who is a body builder and thinks that is the norm and "average" 62 year old man in terms of "strength".

And maybe you consider any sin a man does as rape. But he has never been convicted of rape of any kind.

Anonymous said...

I am thinking of most men. No way a 32 year old woman could take down my father, or my father in law, both 70 years old, and not athletes by any stretch of the imagination. All rapists need a first conviction, don't they. Not saying all men are, but the ones who are are the lowest form of scum on earth.

Analytical Adam said...

The issue is not whether a 32 year old woman can take down a 62 year old man. It is whether the 62 year old man can overpower a 32 year old woman and rape her which in most cases I do think is pretty hard for a man of this age to do.

From what I hear when you hear about a rapists, almost all rapists are in their late teens, 20's, or 30's. The cases of women being "accused" of rape who are older you find out that some women wanted to get back at a man and all the evidence suggest it is to get back at a guy and is completely false.

Analytical Adam said...

Anonymous wrote:>Not saying all men are, but the ones who are are the lowest form of scum on earth.

I hope you feel the same about women that falsely accuse men of rape for political reasons which therefore cheapens real rape.

I feel a woman who makes false charges should also have to be labeled a sex offender so men and others including children know to stay away from this woman who makes false rape charges so they don't get caught in her web.

Anonymous said...

Why do you ask for comments "Do YOU think DSK is guilty of rape?" and then berate the commenters? Don't ask for opinions if you aren't going to respect them. Yes, some women have falsely accused men of rape, but I don't think it's any where near as common of an occurrence as a man raping a woman. It is a very serious, violent disgusting crime (man raping a woman), and should be treated as such. Woman initiate violence sometimes, but it is almost always the other way around. Most men can defend themselves.

Analytical Adam said...

I did explain in my post that I personally question whether a 62 year old man can forcibly rape a 32 year old woman. Your recent response it seems a like a double standard that women shouldn't be punished for false accusation of what you have said is a very heinous offense.

As again if you think it is such a heinous crime then you should find it just as heinous to make false accusation of rape since it cheapens real rape. If you don't then I do think you have some bias against men.

You should feel that just like men women should face a lifetime of punishment if they do make false accusations to extort money or to get back at a man for something that he did she didn't like. I think that is fair.

And on your last point a woman has no right to hit a man either as that is disrespectful and respect is a two way street. And being smaller doesn't give a woman the right to hit a man any more then a child hitting a parent because they are smaller. That is very disrespectful. Your attitude that a man can defend himself is missing the point as if a woman feels that it is ok to hit men that is terrible.