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Conclusion on Leviticus Chapter 15 and male and female impurity.

While the person didn't want to comment on my blog (which is because some people are trying to send nasty emails if they do comment which is very cowardly and sneaky if you ask me) as don't behind a woman here who has been commenting because you don't agree with me which this kind of behavior towards man is typical and not "very religious" if you ask me.

Anyway, the conclusion I reached and please if you know more then I do please comment is that A. A man who has an Zav (which is an abnormal emission) he has to count 7 days after it ends and purify himself in a Mikvah and bring a sacrifice to to the Cohen. If a man has an emission of Semen he is impure for one day and has to purify himself in the Mikvah and doesn't seem to have to bring a sacrifice. IN both cases when he is impure he passes this impurity to other object which the chapter explains. The emission of Semen is the only time it doesn't use the word Zev which not sure why but it I think that issue is mostly academic and doesn't affect anything here.

If a woman has a Zav being her normal period (Leviticus 15:19 please look at the hebrew if you know hebrew) she is impure for 7 days from the time of her discharge of blood. And on the 8th day she purifies herself and she doesn't have to bring a sacrifice it seems . If she has an Zev of an abnormal discharge of blood not during her normal period that is "many days" (Leviticus 15:25) she is impure for an "additional" 7 days after this ends and has to bring a korban to the Cohen similar to what the man does when he has an abnormal Zav.

SO it is pretty fair and consistent that an abnormal discharge adds an additional 7 days + a sacrifice. While the "normal" discharge is 1 day for a man and 7 days for a woman which of course upset those who are for "equality" as woman have it for 7 days but in this case that is what the torah says.

As mentioned in the previous post while it is less time of impurity then an abnormal discharge (and I wonder what the male abnormal discharge is) you still are considered impure and you can't approach the Temple when you are impure and furthermore you make other items impure as well when you are in this state as well so even though you don't have to bring a Korban it still is not just nothing.

So they question is. Why? Isn't it a "natural" process. Well in a certain extent yes. but this ability we have to reproduce when not used creates a certain amount of death in the world from potential births not taking place by not using what God gave you to get married and reproduce and that leads to this impurity that a man should not just think about attractive and not realize that this attraction was created so they would want to get married and help a woman become pregnant and a woman should also want to use her attraction to want to get married to a man that deserves to have children and not use it in other ways.

Sadly the Rabbi's seem to be wrong on these extra days they create having the period of a woman's normal period + another 7 days which sometimes would take a woman passed her ovulation in what a woman wrote to me and pointed out a wikipedia article which ok I understand wikipedia is not God speaking and is not always correct but the Rabbi's will make a Heter which is sort of silly and someone told me this is NOT TRUE although many women today are putting off getting married to a point where have much a harder time and of course they want to blame the Rabbi when in reality the Rabbi's sort of just have it both ways where they make a law that doesn't work and then make a Heter to solve the problem they created. Although I am only writing what one person wrote to me and the wikipedia article she showed me so I certainly would hear from others although it does seem the Rabbi's are wrong unless I am reading the portion in Leviticus Chapter 15 incorrectly.

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