Sunday, May 08, 2011

Communism, math and science.

This book I am reading the Politically Incorrect Guide to Socialism had some interesting observations. Don't know what to make of it?

Russians are a mathematically and scientifically gifted people and perhaps that is the reason why the scientific nature of central planning appealed to them.

However, knowing how many protons are in a uranium atom is not very much like knowing whether you should plant corn or wheat in a particular field in western Ukraine. -1

An example of Stalin is given. Stalin would turn out to be pretty good about getting the former kind of knowledge but not the latter, which is why the USSR could build a terrifying cutting-edge nuclear arsenal but starved millions of its people to death. Most of it was due to the shortage of food centralized planning created. This idea that though math and science a man can develop an economy is pure hubris and arrogance as clearly the bible recognized that some would have more money then others. The biggest reason for socialism I will mention in my next post. -1

1.The Politically Incorrect Guide to Socialism by Kevin Williamson pg. 36-37.


SouthernBelle Rivky said...

Made it in before Mr. Adam one week deadline. Whew!

So many professional dancers and athletes in the Olympics are Russian too. So what's your take on that?? I have my theory, but not telling just yet :P

Oh check OU job board. I know you don't like it, but I think there were some recent posts in the past couple weeks that might fit you.

Analytical Adam said...

You can still post it just is moderated. I assume you are talking about when the USSR was still communist not now. I don't know. Countries like China take children away from their parents (their only child) who they think could be an athlete and train them endlessly and if they fail they have limited skils overall. Also the average person in other countries is not as focused on becoming an olympic athlete.

Analytical Adam said...

The most interesting example is that Russia produced great chess players and of course we have one named Bobby Fischer.

Outside this though Bobby Fischer was a very very disturbed man. Which science by itself is value neutral and when you think science is more then this it is dangerous as some people start to think that way especially those who envy any person in science (and some in science have made a name for themselves from stealing from someone who did the work or taking on a PC science issue) who has been successful in inventing something.