Monday, May 30, 2011

Helping a widows children witht their tax returns.

She wants me to check them. I did hers for free but for her kids I want to get paid. I told them I need the money. They both are doing pretty well.  I was going to charge each $100 which isn't a lot. They would give me lunch but at the moment I really need some money to go over there rather then spend my time on my job search.

A so called "Female Friend" on Facebook claims Israel is part of the world order.

Uh-huh. Yeah. Sure. Feminists at the end of the day will never like the Jewish people by what the bible says and they will not support Israel.

Just became a friend because she also listened to the Michael Savage show. But I commented on a post she made about a man that discusses that women today are wacked out which is a little harsh but her response is well men are narcissistic as well. Which regardless I said that the snake first focused on getting the woman off the path and women being as this guy say "wacked out' is an issue regardless of men.

Do you think DSK is guilty of rape?

I really don't think Dominic Strauss-Kahn is guilty. The biggest issue I have is he is 62 years old and the maid who is making this accusation is 32 years old?

With this age difference she may be stronger then he is. I don't see how a 62 year old man can overpower a 32 year old woman. It is very hard for a man over 60 and being of this advanced age to rape a woman.

It seems like it may be extortion.

Also it is interesting that she is Muslim and he is Jewish. Yes, he is a socialist and some say he was a womanizer but that doesn't make him a rapist because she says so. I know there was some evidence but It doesn't prove rape.

Nehemiah Gordon answered some of my questions.

So it seems I was correct on what a Cohen and Levi is as Nehemiah discusses it here. Here is the video link. Click Here.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Tough situation I'm in. Why I am so against feminism? My family supporting drugging up boys and men including myself

If they don't fit the agenda.

Throughout my prime years my parents (in the past don't know if that is still the case) didn't care about my ability to make a living. This happened a number of times in my 20's and in my mid 20's I lived with a women and daughter from India

Only 22,273 first born men out of 603, 550 Jewish men.

See Numbers 2:32, 3:43.

Anyway, that does seem odd? This from the census. That is about 1/30 men was a first born. You would think it was maybe 1/8 if the average had 4 boys and there was a 50% the first born would be a male. From reading this the average family had 2-5 boys when you read the lineage. Unless some of the first born men did not make out of Egypt and only a small remnant remained. That is all I can think that it was such a low percent. Any other ideas? Maybe they did not put this marking on their house so God did kill their first born son as they didn't listen to God.

Interesting also there was only 22,000 Levites which 273 first born were not replaced by a Levite so they give 5 Shekels per first born not accounted for which is the valuation of a boy between 1 month and 5 years (see Leviticus 27:6) which I guess they went using the lowest valuation of men for the remainder. I guess then the most valued first born men are counted first to be replaced with a Levites.

Rabbi Mayer Schiller, MTA, and the disgusting New Square community.

(Update: Anyway, I should add this anger is towards the leadership of New Square and not to the people who were born into the community which obviously is beyond their control. And at MTA and the parents who don't really care about their sons to have no issue with Rabbi Schiller and let him "teach" your son).

Sad to say. In the so called religious world people don't really care about Jewish boys (I don't consider a 17 year old a full adult) and  their well being. As a 17 year old teenager this was the so called Rabbi I had at MTA. The high school of YU. Who is Rabbi Schiller? He is a hockey coach among other things but there are more important things then a boy shooting a puck or bouncing a ball.

But anyway who is Rabbi Schiller? He is a BT who is a spokesmouth for the New Square community and an anti-zionist as well. I remember he use to just bash everyone else. He also believes in this evil theory of race separation between blacks and whites which is just disgusting although MTA has told him he is not allowed to speak about his. Sometimes in fact people who have extreme appearances it may help to marry from a different type of appearance. But it all is based on physical appearance which is just pure evil.

But as we are finding out New Square is a community that is a complete cult. with the news of this trying to burn down mans house because, horror of horrors he didn't want pray in the shul of New Square. Before that they were slashing his tires to which the town of Ramapo and the police did nothing to help this family from the abuse they were taking likely for political reasons. Which just disgusts me  as I grew up in Monsey which also is part of the town of Ramapo.

So they have a man at MTA who is part of a community that engages in violence towards anyone who doesn't worship the head Rabbi, is anti-ziionist, supports race separation. I guess because he is a hockey coach that is more important then a boy having some sense of morality and they give a job to such an immoral man. Yet nobody cares about boys having morality. They reward a sick disgusting man like this as a man to influence Jewish teenagers. It is terrible.

New Square also I saw on you tube had teenage boys ages 16-20 in dorms shutting off or not having  fire alarms not sure why. That really is sick and a man from a community like this is teaching 17 year old boys.

Happy the blog is working again.

It was down for a few days. I did extend comments up to 15 days and then it goes to moderation  because of the problems with the blog that lasted a few days.

What line does the Cohen come from? What line does the Levi come from?

This week we started reading numbers. That is what they call it in English not sure why as the hebrew word Bamidbar  means in the desert where God spoke to the nation of Israel to do a census. I guess people would find it more interesting if they called it numbers then "in the desert" since that is what they are doing here is a census in the desert.

But anyway, this weeks bible reading it discusses the activities of the Levites in Chapter 3 and 4. It seems the Levites are anyone from the son of the Levites.

The Cohen is anyone from the two remaining sons of Aaron and his descendants  It is interesting that Aaron and his sons are Levites themselves from the son of Kahat, who had their own responsibilities in the Mishkan. So I am concluding here that Aaron and his sons were elevated above the Levites and the specific role of Kahat which the other three children of Kahat engaged in. Here is the  link from the bible reading that discusses Aaron's lineage.
Click Here

It is interesting there seem to be more Cohen's then Levites even though you would think otherwise since Cohen's actually are a small subset of the Levite tribe. Feel free if you have any additional insight into this.

The Reward and Punishment of Leviticus Chapter 26.

In this chapter that was read recently God promises that if we do follow the commands 5 will chase a 100, and a 100 shall give chase to 10,000. (8). It also promises fertility (9).

Sadly though many go around with this liberal victim mentality demanding that everyone love us and respect us. We clearly don't trust our own ability to defend ourselves and want everyone else to defend us. Which at it's core shows a lack of faith in the God of Israel and believing in the torah and more of a trust in man sadly which is trust of man is above God then many times you fall into the trap of trusting men who may have money and influence but this is fleeing if they don't behave in a moral way which in the end won't help us.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Does the Torah view a woman as 3/5ths of a man per Leviticus 27?

Of course not! Not anymore then it views a man over 60 only 3/10ths of a man or only half a woman between 20-60. Some are likely wondering. What the heck is this guy talking about.

In Leviticus 27 it talks about giving the equivalent of a human being. It then gives valuation for different ages. 20-60 for men is 50 Shekels and 20-60 for women is 30 Shekels and over 60 is 15 for men and 10 for women.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Radio was stolen in my car. Unemployment claim not sure if I will get.

It has been a rough week for me. Yesterday someone took the radio out of my car. Looks like I left a door open which is how he or she got in. On top of this not sure if I will get any more unemployment. I have worked for 8/15 months since I was laid off from a job I was at for 4 and a half years. Because I have breaks in my unemployment and it is over a year I am not sure I am going to qualify for anything. Worked both in NY and NJ and + a NJ I was at for 5 month was independent contract and I signed a contract but I can't find it and he paid me using my own stubs so it is cash. Didn't issue me a 1099 although reported it because I was worried would get audited but have no proof that I worked for him. Have money saved up for not that long a period of time.

And my relationships with my parents is somewhat strained which I can't get into right now. Maybe at another time I will.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Feeling really down. Have to look for work now that tax season is over.

And don't know who to trust. It is lonely. :(  This economy isn't great but also I have few connection and my family is of little help and some are happy to see a man unemployed.

Paternal vs. Maternal Lineage. In general the torah views it by the father.(Part 1) Daughters of Zlepchad

Among Rabbis although not based on anything biblical they claim all that matters is the mother. Nothing else matters and there is no flexibility except of course if a man has a lot of money or political connection as the case with Rahm Emanuel in which Orthodox Rabbi converted the wife. This does not seem to be in the ways of God or just in any way.

Just looking at the world every country goes by patenral lineage which I think is another proof of the fact that God did have rules for all nations that was communicated to Adam and Eve and then to Noah which all nations descend from. There is no nation among different cultures and different languages  that you take the woman's name. God spoke there and said that he would create a woman to be the helpmate of the man.  The feminist would have you believe it is a worldwide conspiracy as men gang together to oppress women. This clearly though shows that feminism at it's essence is very anti-bible and believes it was made up by some male chauvinists.

Some of course will say, well once the Jews received the torah everything changed. That is in basically another replacement theology theory that receiving the torah on Mount Sinai makes prior contracts that God made null and void but then why even have this part of the torah if that is the case. Start with receiving the Torah. Obviously the torah is to add a covenant with Israel while keeping the general covenant with all nations.  

The number 7 seems to be a special number in the bible.

That is what I observe. In Leviticus 25 it talks about having 7 year cycle of the land with the 7th year not working the land and after 7 of these cycles which is 49 years you have a 50th year that is a Jubilee year.

Today (as far as I know) I hope it isn't being researched we don't know what the Jubilee year is although I wonder how they figured out when the Shmita year is since we were out of the land so long. Maybe some who were in Israel kept track. I don't know. But if they kept track of that I would think they would know when the Jubilee year is.

Throughout the whole world they keep a 7 day work. This clearly to me suggests that the whole world must have originated from Adan and Even and Noah and his wife and this is known everywhere which is why even though there are different languages throughout the world everyone has a 7 day week which they may have different names for it. This was  something I read in a book by Rabbi Daniel Lapin about the 7 day week phenomena and I agree with him here. Further, me mentions how in the former USSR they wanted to adopt a 5 day week. Why? 5 is more divisible by 365.  It don't think it happened. However, the number 5 in some situations clearly shows love of the socialist/communist viewpoint. Why do I say that?

Joseph in his dream also made a prophecy a 7 good years and 7 lean years. (Genesis 41:25)

Immoral Rabbi Yisrael Rozen of Zomet claims "technology advancement is a gift from God

Please. If you either a Jew or Christian or anyone else who sincerely cares about Israel DO NOT give to this group Zomet.This group was being promoted by Chrstian Friends of Israeli Communities.The founders are Jews women who live in Israel and sadly they seem to promote the socialist/feminist agenda that many Rabbis support for their own career ambitions that help themselves but not the Jewish people as a whole.

Rabbi Rozen makes this crazy claim that "Technology advancement is a gift  from God". Never gives credit to others. Oh really!! You mean computers came down from the sky. This is unbelievable. Thankfully some countries reward research and allow competition that allows men to create innovations. It did not come for the sky!! To not be able to give credit to other men who are mostly responsible for this is just disgusting. If Rabbis like this had power we would all be living without any innovation because they think invention just happens and have no clue as the kind of environment that leads to innovation as what is important to them is promoting themselves and their agendas . Shira Schwartz who in her article mentioned this group sadly also has problems giving credit to men obviously.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Leviticus Chapter 21 and the laws of the Cohen. No major physical defects allowed it seems.

It is interesting to read in Leviticus Chapter 22 how a Cohen who had certain defects could not offer the food of God. No man who is blind or lame or has a limb too short or a limb too long no man who has a broken leg or a broken arm or who is a hunchback or a dwarf. (22:17-20).

I think there is a physical aspect to ourselves and the purpose who is offering the sacrifice should be someone who is of normal physical appearance. I am wondering if that exclude someone who has very bad eye sight but it is corrected by eye-glasses that without his eye-glasses he would be blind. That is a physical defect.

If a person is mildly near-sided that would be fine as that isn't being "blind" but if someone has eye sight that he really is blind without his eye-glasses would that be a defect. It also is sad that in the Jewish world today they don't care of trying to preserve your good eye sight that you had when you were a kid.

Obama wants Israel to go back to 1967 borders. That is suicide.

Clearly Obama does not side with Israel as these borders are not really defensible. Only 8 miles wide from 45 miles. Anyway this is an interesting video by Pastor Manning. He made this video in 2009 and predicted that we would get Osama in 2011 but that they would say we will give you Osama if you give us the Jews which 2 weeks after we got Osama now Obama is asking Israel to return in indefensible boundaries that no President has suggested as far as I know.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Last post on the bible. Do not degrade your daughter and make her a harlot.

Interesting it partly blames the parents (See Lev 20:29). Why is that? My own feeling is a family is poor so there is that temptation to make money by the daughter being a harlot which is immoral and is bad for the daughter as well. Sadly the West here in the United States you see some parents who don't mind making their daughter famous by pimping her out even when they aren't poor. But even if you are poor to make your daughter harlot for your own benefit is really showing no concern for the daughters well being as she in the end will have "no benefit" from this and likely be harmed. It certainly is something that why should other nations respect us if we do this.

Do not favor the poor or show deference to the rich, do not stand by the blood of your fellow.

These are two interesting passages in Leviticus 19:15-16. On the first one this idea of taking the side of the poor one is not something correct because they are poor or whatever is just because they are poor does not mean they are right in a dispute. Sadly people play this game that they are poor or oppressed and that in itself means they can never harm someone else.

The other passage is interesting do not stand on the blood of your fellow. Would this actually means clearly if you could save your fellows life you should. I think it also means which the JPS translates this to mean do not profit from the blood of your fellow. Which sadly some people do profit from the harm of someone else which I guess is what this is saying. It is interesting it is next to the passage of not being a talebearer which may be because this can lead to someone profited with false stories going around. JPS defines it as dealing base with your neighbor but the hebrew word Rachil I think does meal talebearer.

Leviticus Chapter 19: 3 Thou shall revere your mother and father.

Catching up to the point of the bible reading read in Synagogue which this week we are finishing up Leviticus. But anyway this is interesting. It puts mother before father and I am thinking that this because in terms of revering you may revere your father more then your mother which is why it put mother first in this case. While when it talks about honoring it puts the father first which I guess then some would want to honor their mother more then their father.  It also starts with the hebrew word Ish which is the word for man which in this case is obviously the term man in generic terms and therefore just the word Ish does not automatically mean it is discussing a male I think.

Should I start a blog on taxes and accounting.

Obviously if I did that I would do a different blog and not link it to this one. But I am at a two day seminar today and tomorrow that is $60 for 2 days and 12 CPE credits, the years technology exhibit with some accounting CPE's as well.  One of the lectures I chose dealt with networking and one idea was to have a professional blog to show what you know as by doing this you can attract clients. And try to update the blog at least once a week. You can show your expertise in some area's that someone may need you.

Got a call from AFLEC.

If I am looking for a new career. I am sure it is not being the guy who does the AFLEC sound.

Anyone know anything about AFLEC.

Update: I looked it up a bit and it is 100% commission and you have to provide some of the initial expenses. They do sell some worthwhile products but at this point I do need a non-commission job. The person that called sounded normal. in leaving her message but at this point I don't think it is for me. 

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Should young Jewish boys be dressed in a way to show off Jewish identiy.

To be honest I am offended. I was at Barnes & Nobles Monday and a woman who was dressed in a hat had her son wearing a very attention grabbing skullcap in a couple of colors and I really was offended as if you want to show your identity fine but don't have your 7- year old dress in a way for your own identity. It just doesn't seem right to me. It is like you want you 7 year son to stand for an adult woman and it is wrong. That is what I think. Does anyone agree? Disagree? I really was offended and started saying things like we put middle age women before children which I think is very inappropriate.

 On this note. It is very interesting. The torah says in this area I am discussing in recent posts. (Leviticus 18:21.) Do not allow any of your offspring to Molech. Yet no where does it say don't give your wife to Molech. It seems that sacrificing your own child did exist and sadly still does exist in many ways expressed in different ways in different cultures.

Leviticus 18:19 Do not come near a woman during her period of uncleanliness

It is interesting that this is a universal law it seems and not just for the nation of Israel as in this chapter as in the previous post I mentioned God does mention "So let not the land spew you out for defiling it, as it spewed out the nations before you" (Leviticus 18:28). So this is something that we would be considered immoral in general and not a specific law (like eating Kosher) that God did command the Israelites that they could not eat from certain animals because they were saved from Egypt.

It seems as it is command for ALL PEOPLE. I would think  it is just inappropriate in general to want to have intimacy with a woman during her period for many reasons and for a man to do otherwise (and for a woman to agree when not done by force) just shows no sense of basic human dignity.

Sadly though as far as I know most Jewish people would consider this an issue only related to Jewish people and I think they are incorrect and it is sad that is shows a lack of seeing dignity in women in general.

Levitus Chapter 18 and immoral sexual behavior and immoral behavior towards children.

Leviticus Chapter 18 is an interesting chapter. It discusses various depraved behavior that the nations before Israel were kicked out who no longer exist today. Of course some claim well Israel stole the land and doesn't the torah believe in property rights. The answer is yes and the reason the nations were kicked out was because they were not respecting the land of Israel and it's property and it's holiness. And we are warned not engage in these practices or else we will be kicked out as well as we are not respecting the land. To have property it requires you to work for it and not just feel you are "entitled" to land.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Thoughts on these comments made by Savage. (Watch Video)

Overall I have mixed feeling about Michael Savage. Firstly he himself has never been in the military which is very relevant to this piece. He believes Jonathan Pollard should rot in jail for the rest of his life and has said in the past that Israel should bring back Golda Meir (not literally obviously) and that she was the best PM which actually under Golda Meir more Jewish male solders died in one day during the Yom Kippur war (which actually the biblical day of Yom Kippur based on the new moon was two days later when they started winning the war )then any other war during this "surprise" attack. Also Savage loves to say that Judaism and Christinaity had a reformation but Islam didn't. All I can say as a Jew is I don't see much evidence that Orthodox Judaism had a "reformation". As someone going to Jewish day school we were taught about the different death penalties with the only thing being said was that if we kill more then one person in 70 years that is murderous Beit Din and that since adultery is common we don't put people to death as Savage mentions adultery in this video

Adultery is considered a man having relations with a woman married to another man. And the reason it is such a serious crime is it harms children if a woman would become pregnant from a man that isn't her husband and he is forced to take of another man's child. It is to protect children who are at the mercy of parents.

Anyway this piece made by the snobs at Yeshiva world that no man can ever say anything against the Rabbi's

But interestingly I sort of agree that who are the religious to tell others how to live their lives. My bigget reason though is because they take more money from the government then secular people do who contribute more to Israel and the economy and take less. Men that just take from the government shouldn't be telling other how to behave.

In terms of the military I do think many men serve although they will do whatever the government says even when they are used as pawns and are not helping stop anything and only emboldens. Also men aren't working together which also is not helping our own situation. As strong men that are not unified and don't trust each other won't win and don't really their own life which only makes our enemy think we are immoral if we don't really care about our own life and are more concerned about the enemies life.

Any other thoughts on this. Also I don't know where Savage gets this idea of 100,000's of years in which these idea's were presented.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

I Thank God that the so called religous men "Orthodox Rabbis have little power.

At least in the US. In Israel I think they are giving too much power that really isn't warranted as they have distorted the Torah as well to fit their agendas and lie about other groups. 
As if they did God forbid I may not even be alive today or be in some kind of reeducation camp that I don't worship the  Rabbi's and have had issues that don't fit their dogma. I am not joking. 8 years ago my father (who has very few male friends) was obsessed that some drug would solve the family problems and the religious world as well loves putting boys on drugs. If that didn't work though what would he do. Put me on a higher and higher dose until I am dead. Thank God I said no and kicked him out and was able to get a job at the time. If the religious controlled everything they would never give a guy a job that doesn't fit their politics. So I thank God every day they have little power as someone like my father a married man with 31 female friends and 11 male friends is ok but I am the bad guy.

Spent Friday night with part of my family that of course wants unlimited health benefits for government workers.

My female so called religion cousin that has 9 kids I spent Friday night with. I did give them 6 MP3 players since they have invited me for meals. She makes excuses for why government workers deserve health care for the rest of their life which taxpayers have to pay for. Taking for others is no problem to her as if the rest of us who aren't part of her in group should just have to pay for her.   Her excuse is well that is why they take less money. That is nonsense. They get less money because they weren't able to get a job in the private sector. As usually the A students don't take government jobs. The husband is a man that makes his living by labeling children with development delays at 0-3 years old!! so they can get government money. His father was a therapist which I am sure to create conflict and problems was good for business. These are the kind of men that the so called religious world likes though. Men that just undermine other men. Oganized Judaism is just male leaders putting down other men and making women feel better about that sexist bible. It is just amazing for people that have children that can take care of them when they are older yet their level of greed and taking from others to something they feel they are entitled to has no bounds as the reason people use to have children among other  reasons is they didn't expect a government to take care of them. Now you have those that have children and they want government money from others too. And she starts asking me well what do I think the government should provide as if she is a spokeswoman for the mostly men in the government. They can be strict on Shabbos yet taking from others doesn't phase them in the least.

Friday, May 13, 2011

My fathers Facebook page has 31 female friends, 11 male friends.

Does that surprise me? Not so much although it is depressing to see it to this extent.

Yay!!. My blog is working again although a post disppeared.

There was some technical problems although they said posts and comments for 2 or 3 days may disappear which is the case here. I lost my recent post on a clip from Michael Savage.

Monday, May 09, 2011

Rabbi’s that support feminism and its socialism are also “evil men” at the end of the day.

All men are part of this evil group that has been abusing women for 5,000 years which is how they are better in certain areas in all cultures so no man can be good. That is a basic feminist ideology. And women have to organize like gangs because of these evil men. Abusing women comes "naturally" to men according to them.

I am just talking to a woman who calls Rabbis perverts, doesn’t care much for the Talmud but still is involved with Rabbis because they do support anti-torah ideas against men and fathers and their whole existence is envy of men and looking at what men have and wanting male leaders that mistreat other men which this women knows about and this doesn’t stop her from at least on a temporary basis supporting the Rabbi even though deep down she hates everything they stand for but are useful morons for their temporary purpose of using these dumb male so called religious leaders to hurt other men. Once they use the Rabbi for their selfish end though according to feminists all men are part of this evil group that has been abusing women for 5,000 years which is how they are better in certain area’s in all cultures. So clearly the Rabbis are men at the end of the day even though women will use them as a temporary alliance because being the rat they are they like to hurt other men.

It is similar to Jews that turned over Jews to the Nazi and were able to live a little longer. Of course at the end of the day they are evil Jews regardless and they will be killed in the end just like every other Jew. Same think will God willing happen to these Rabbis that distort God’s word and also to other religious leaders including Karaites that do the same.

Or arabs that always hide behind Jews that would like to give up Israel. Of course these Jews in the end while serving a temporary useful purpose will in the end if God forbid their agenda comes to fruition be killed with the rest of their brethren.

Same with the feminist and their hatred of God and using Rabbi’s that think they can remake the torah to pander to feminist. They in the end the Rabb's will be turned against to (if God forbid their agenda's came to pass which the Rabbi's thank God have limited power) since they are men as well and to feminists all men are evil and naturally abuse women.

This is what I wrote before my computer starting acting up that sort of adds a little to what I said.

The father blamed for the death of 3 children by the drowning of them by the mother.

The recent case of the women who drowned her children with one survinving

Unbelievable that some want to blame the father for this murder. If everything is some man's fault at the end of the day I can't see women at the end of the day not being in this physical cycle of yes they are helpless since everything is a man's fault. If that is the case then I guess anytime something good happens they deserve the credit as well. If you play this case of course you are saying you as a woman
have no control as everything that happens is because of men.

Also putting middle age women before children is really IMO barbaric.

A real "religious" leader practices justice. Not think it is their job to "save" women

From other men which in many cases in not justice. Recently we read in Leviticus Chapter 19:15 you shall not render an unfair decision do not favor the poor or show deference to the rich, judge your kinsman fairly. Just because someone is poor and one person is rich the poor person is therefore must be the victim. Same thing in disputes between a husband or wife. Just because a man is a few inches taller doesn't mean he is guilty because the woman says he is. That is not justice. In fact that suggests that a so called religious leader sees other men as the enemy that he has to protect women from who the women "decided" to marry with her own free will. This doesn't mean there can't be problems after but to act like she is just a pure "passive' victim in this problem between them is just perverted.

But sadly most religious leaders in my own religion of all denominations (and it seems in some others as well although I know less about that) think it is their duty to save women who are married to other men and to be honest with you we might as well have Polygamy and have the religious male leader married to all the women since the husband clearly is the enemy of the women and the only good man is the male religious leader on top who has to protect the women. Obviously the marriages are forced upon the women as only the male religious leader cares about women. The rest of us men are just evil. This is like the worst of pyramid schemes and very immoral behavior by so called "religious" leaders. Sadly some women go along with it as well in this too good to be true pyramid scheme that they really would benefit by listening to their husband then listening to some Rabbi.

Sunday, May 08, 2011

It is no accident that in every socialist countries the "social planners" live much better then everyone else.

In the name of promoting "equality" of result they live better then everyone else not letting someone else be more successful then another. This is why some leaders actually want "socialism" for their country. As it gives then more power to watch to make sure everyone else is ahem "equal" while of course the people enforcing this system will need to be "more equal" to enforce this. So it is all a power grab by playing to envy of someone else.

The only thing people a legal entity of the government should enforce is "fair weights and measures" and "justice". One of the basic laws in the bible. That is not though to force equality of result regardless of talent work put in and future ability to provide this product or service. (Leviticus 19:15 & 19:35)

This was an observation from the book I am reading the Politically Incorrect Guide to Socialism which to be fair I have noticed this myself with those who make a living by "promoting so called equality of result become very affluent from the so called "equality" they are promoting.

Conclusion on Leviticus Chapter 15 and male and female impurity.

While the person didn't want to comment on my blog (which is because some people are trying to send nasty emails if they do comment which is very cowardly and sneaky if you ask me) as don't behind a woman here who has been commenting because you don't agree with me which this kind of behavior towards man is typical and not "very religious" if you ask me.

Anyway, the conclusion I reached and please if you know more then I do please comment is that A. A man who has an Zav (which is an abnormal emission) he has to count 7 days after it ends and purify himself in a Mikvah and bring a sacrifice to to the Cohen. If a man has an emission of Semen he is impure for one day and has to purify himself in the Mikvah and doesn't seem to have to bring a sacrifice. IN both cases when he is impure he passes this impurity to other object which the chapter explains. The emission of Semen is the only time it doesn't use the word Zev which not sure why but it I think that issue is mostly academic and doesn't affect anything here.

If a woman has a Zav being her normal period (Leviticus 15:19 please look at the hebrew if you know hebrew) she is impure for 7 days from the time of her discharge of blood. And on the 8th day she purifies herself and she doesn't have to bring a sacrifice it seems . If she has an Zev of an abnormal discharge of blood not during her normal period that is "many days" (Leviticus 15:25) she is impure for an "additional" 7 days after this ends and has to bring a korban to the Cohen similar to what the man does when he has an abnormal Zav.

SO it is pretty fair and consistent that an abnormal discharge adds an additional 7 days + a sacrifice. While the "normal" discharge is 1 day for a man and 7 days for a woman which of course upset those who are for "equality" as woman have it for 7 days but in this case that is what the torah says.

As mentioned in the previous post while it is less time of impurity then an abnormal discharge (and I wonder what the male abnormal discharge is) you still are considered impure and you can't approach the Temple when you are impure and furthermore you make other items impure as well when you are in this state as well so even though you don't have to bring a Korban it still is not just nothing.

So they question is. Why? Isn't it a "natural" process. Well in a certain extent yes. but this ability we have to reproduce when not used creates a certain amount of death in the world from potential births not taking place by not using what God gave you to get married and reproduce and that leads to this impurity that a man should not just think about attractive and not realize that this attraction was created so they would want to get married and help a woman become pregnant and a woman should also want to use her attraction to want to get married to a man that deserves to have children and not use it in other ways.

Sadly the Rabbi's seem to be wrong on these extra days they create having the period of a woman's normal period + another 7 days which sometimes would take a woman passed her ovulation in what a woman wrote to me and pointed out a wikipedia article which ok I understand wikipedia is not God speaking and is not always correct but the Rabbi's will make a Heter which is sort of silly and someone told me this is NOT TRUE although many women today are putting off getting married to a point where have much a harder time and of course they want to blame the Rabbi when in reality the Rabbi's sort of just have it both ways where they make a law that doesn't work and then make a Heter to solve the problem they created. Although I am only writing what one person wrote to me and the wikipedia article she showed me so I certainly would hear from others although it does seem the Rabbi's are wrong unless I am reading the portion in Leviticus Chapter 15 incorrectly.

Communism, math and science.

This book I am reading the Politically Incorrect Guide to Socialism had some interesting observations. Don't know what to make of it?

Russians are a mathematically and scientifically gifted people and perhaps that is the reason why the scientific nature of central planning appealed to them.

However, knowing how many protons are in a uranium atom is not very much like knowing whether you should plant corn or wheat in a particular field in western Ukraine. -1

An example of Stalin is given. Stalin would turn out to be pretty good about getting the former kind of knowledge but not the latter, which is why the USSR could build a terrifying cutting-edge nuclear arsenal but starved millions of its people to death. Most of it was due to the shortage of food centralized planning created. This idea that though math and science a man can develop an economy is pure hubris and arrogance as clearly the bible recognized that some would have more money then others. The biggest reason for socialism I will mention in my next post. -1

1.The Politically Incorrect Guide to Socialism by Kevin Williamson pg. 36-37.

Friday, May 06, 2011

Hours cut down not that tax season is over.

My hours have been reduced since tax season is over. Worked two days last week (part of it was Passover) but this week so far only one day. So I guess I have to start looking for work again. That is more work then having a job. Oh well. The unemployment did not sound good from what I heard.

Monday, May 02, 2011

Really enjoyed this video. Super MariObama.

As someone who played this game this video really hits home about Obama. But at this point people want the government to take care of them which never works at the end of the day.

I'm so happy that Osama Bin Laden is dead.

And the brave Navy seals who were able to capture him. I don't know what is going to be but certainly this monster who killed 3,000 innocent men, women, and children it is great news that he did not just die a natural death himself. In this case Obama deserves some credit. God Bless America. USA, USA, USA!!! And God Bless these Navy Seals.

Sunday, May 01, 2011

Help storm victims from the Tornado's in the South.

Donations to help those devastated in the South

Some of the pictures of the tornado damage is unreal the level of destruction which don't know why God let it happen. This link is from feed the children which I heard on the Mike Gallagher show.

A woman asked about this whole issue of women being impure which is in Levticus chapter 15

Leviticus 15 and the very unPC types of impurity when menstruating and also on the male side emission of semen.(Update: Sorry for my lousy spelling which I corrected)

The reality is many women have a problem with this and don't like Judaism because of it. In fact a woman asked me about this and I said well men become impure too when they have an emission of semen but that is less focused on as he also has to go the purify himself as the issue I think is that not using what God gave you for the higher purpose is causing impurity in a person's soul. That applies when women don't use their childbearing years properly which leads to less people in the world and the blood of unborn children and men who just think that an attractive is just for their own pleasure and not a process that God created to help create a bond between a man and a woman and helps a woman to be able to get a man when she is able to bear children.

Having said that actually it isn't equal in the sense that a man is impure for one day and a woman is impure for seven days after the seven days of menstruation. Which is half of a month. (Update: Actually it also I think it may be seven days for a man after you become clean from reading (15:13) although not sure. IF YOU KNOW PLEASE COMMENT. Although it does seem like it is only the impurity is one day but afterwords you would have to go through the same seven day purification process so you would be impure for 8 days as that is the standard in ALL CASES from reading this it seems.) (Second Update: Scratch what I said as it does seem that when a man has semen released it is not considered a Zav as it says when it comes out of him not a discharge as it says in all the other cases and it doesn't mention this 7 day purification afterwords and mentions the 7 day purification before this for a "Zav".) For a woman it is clearly more strict which of course would bother the Rabbi's since they don't like anything like that although men do become impure although only for a day and do have to do to a Mikvah and wash their clothes at least at least to try to follow these idea's as today we are all impure which may be one of the reasons we don't have the Mishkan as we don't take this seriously by turning into something only regarding married women and have mixed other politics into this.