Monday, April 04, 2011

What my co-worker said about Muslims and prayer regarding men and women.

I do know that Muslims are  suppose to pray 5 times a day. So I asked my co-worker does this just apply to men. Because according to our dear Rabbi's who are perfect beings of course we are suppose to pray three times a day but only us stupid men. Women don't have to pray at all. The guy told me that women have to pray too the only time they are exempt is during their period. To be fair. I don't think this praying all the time

(which the bible itself doesn't really require) makes a person a better person but to make just men do it and women don't have to do it seems strange. And as I have seen women don't respect men who do pray from what I have seen. They think it is some sort of punishment and that men are just evil and have to pray to God all the time.

But in the Muslim religion they actually for most of the month the women have to pray too for whatever that is worth which to be fair I don't think is worth much for anyone when it is just done because some religious leaders wants you to do it.

RABBINIC JUDAISM sadly is the most feminized religion. Certainly compared to Islam and Christianity and also from what I read on Eastern Religions as well.

The problem is though even though Rabbinic Judaism is feminized the bible is not and most people see the Jews through the bible even though Rabbinic Judaism today is far more feminized then other religions.

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