Friday, April 15, 2011

Nehemiah Gordon unfriended me on Facebook.

OK. Whatever. I do disagree with him supporting women of the wall and I guess unfriending someone is the way to do about dealing with someone criticizing you. Before Passover too when of course Pharoh specifically targeted Jewish boys. Any group that has to put Jewish men down or can't give them any role where they have some control over  at the end of the day really shouldn't celebrate Passover IMO. I just wonder what they do.

And women worshiping Jesus (and from my own experience it seems it is mostly women who like to worship Jesus who of course at the end of the day was a man who like every other man had some flaws) when you have people in the Jewish world like Nehemiah who don't see a problem with women worshiping Jesus to take the place of other men I have to believe they themselves want women to worship them which is clearly man made religion at it's worst when religious leaders want to take the place of husbands and be the "male influence" on women and can't handle competition from other men or have men with different idea's then they have.

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