Sunday, April 03, 2011

Nehemiah Gordon supports Women of the Wall Nashot HaKotel. Think it is very immoral and wrong.

Of my 400 friends on Facebook he is only one of four to support this group which says something to me. Two aren't even people. One of them I know is hates men but loves the man who is the President which is Obama. Which is the way it works. If women hate the rank and file men they end up loving the men in the government that have far more potential for abuse then any rank and file man does.

Do I agree with every Rabbinic idea on women? Absolutely not!!! Having said that

this group is just about looking at what men have and being upset about it. Even if what the men have is nothing to be jealous of. It is disgusting. And at the end of the day they have to hate YAHWEH because in the bible almost all the leaders that are picked are men. And they think that is unacceptable. They are upset that only between 5-15% of politicians in Israel are women. Yeah. And so what!! So again YAHWEH must be a male chauvinist for picking his prophets to almost all be men. And therefore we need a new god. So there is no reason to support this group unless you want to pander to immoral women and like to play on their envy of men which of course keeps the man on top with less competition from other men.

And again. It doesn't seem like they care about legitimate accountability and involvement in society which would benefit them and their people which sometimes our religious leaders for no logical reason prevent this. Again. I see no biblical reason women can't testify and if they see a murder them being a witness would help. I see no reason why women should not celebrate or are exempt from Jewish holidays that they were part of in their own home because it is "A mitzvah that is bound by time" except when it comes to Rabbinic holidays that Rabbi's want women more involved. With this group I don't see any concern like that. All I see is looking at what men have and wanting to have everything men have and that is just wrong and a violation of one of the 10 commandments not to envy someone else which is bad for the person and bad for society for people to behave this way.

Nehemiah I know is from a Rabbinic family and is now a Karaite. And it bothers me that he supports and has friends from this group. I know. His father works in an all male profession. But I shouldn't be punished for that. My father is not a Rabbi not is anyone that I know on either side of my family. Some have married into Rabbinic families (and I have seen first hand how corrupt children from Rabbinic families where they father is at least a pulpit Rabbi can be and how they are extreme hypocrites) but not on my side of the family.

In Orthodox Judaism there is a shortage of men because men are turned off as I am by always being put down for the male Rabbinic leader on top's own twisted reason.
In Christianity it is a serious problem and I have noticed that it is almost women that worship Jesus which is one the problems of turning man into God is God is neither male or female and yeah it is easier for women to love a man then for men to love another man without being a little more questioning.

This bothers me a lot especially since sadly Nehemiah is not trying to reach out to the rank and file Jewish person but is mostly speaking in churches and synagogues that have these shortages of men and I can see he seems to have more women friends then male friends and if he wants to support a group women of the wall that just look at numbers and anything have a higher percent is bad then I have to do the same with Nehemaih although in his case I don't think it is good and some of the women who ask him questions sometimes are really not good women from what i can see.

Also I can't comment on his author page now. I can comment on his personal page and it could be a glitch but I hope it isn't because he has trouble taking criticism from another Jewish man who has been in the trenches.

I like the hard work he does in the new moon sighting. But this that he is doing in supporting women of the wall is extremely immoral IMO to support women who are violating the 10th command of not to envy another which is what these women are doing.


Andi's Depth said...

I'm not sure what ur problem is, but its ILLOGICAL AND IMMORAL to insult someone online for all to see. If you dont want to be a hypocrite i suggest you follow Torah: if you find someone to be breaking Torah, you "rebuke" that someone 1 to 1, following it up with involving a witness if it continues. However by stating it outloud for all to hear, especially with such bad grammar and all YOUR personal opinions, you look foolish!

Yes women arent equal according to Torah. Why? Because they have different responsibilities. I do believe women can pray at the wall, even if its just in the company of women, because she is also loved by Yahweh! Lets remember that Adam was born first and Yahweh decided man was chosen to be the leader, and he was to hold the responsibilities of leadership ie why men were chosen by Yahweh as leaders. But lets not forget women are awesome prayer warriors (when passionate and mature spiritually), which is a good reason why they should pray, even at the wall. Women support the household, they are the pillars and therefore Spiritually they edify the house.

If you have a problem with some1one there is a correct way of handling it. By what you are doing here, you are adding to the existing hatred and seperation in His body. Beware because He's working love and restoration, you dont want to be left out.


Analytical Adam said...

If Nehemiah Gordon wants to post to rebut my criticism I will gladly hear it. He is a public figure and that being the case supporting this group is completely inappropriate.

I don't agree with many Rabbinic positions about women but this group is not about honestly dealing with that. It is just about looking at what men have and supporting the worldwide UN communist woman of the world movement which of course these tinpot dictators want the women to run to them in the UN just as Karl Marx hated the middle class family and wanted all women to work for him.

Analytical Adam said...

The women of the wall are not about "praying" at the wall as they are allowed to pray at the wall. It is them looking at what men have and wanting to imitate everything they do which is sad and pathetic because to be honest with you what the "men" do isn't always something that is so noble either to just want to imitate everything the male Rabbis told men to do. Do they want to be different as women instead of being just a low or mid level man at best.