Thursday, April 21, 2011

Nehemiah Gordon and Keith Johnson and the church magazine that Nehemiah is supporting.

Sad to say Nehemiah Gordon seems to be putting other agenda's first and sadly as I can see the Karaites have many of their own problems and sadly don't seem to really fear God either. Many have never been in the trenches and rather then some humility about it seem to think that part of the torah regarding male-female relations is somehow wrong and they use dishonest reasoning that anyone can see is not true.

In fact feminist in general hate the bible because it doesn't say what they feel it should say and in their view promotes male dominance in some area's which of course some area's are clearly dominated by men and only a person with an agenda would not see that.

Anyway this pastor friend Keith Johnson writes seems to be a very "feminist church from the little I can see. And if Nehemiah Gordon wants to support women of the wall which their most recent article is just women bragging about wearing skullcaps and prayer shauls which I thought that was Rabbinic but I guess when women attack men based on Rabbinic Judaism Nehemiah Gordon supports it without seeing hear that regardless this looking at what men have and just trying to imitate men is a very anti biblical way for women to live in the first place.

Anyway here is the link to this group.

Support extraordinary women of the year. Lis Wiehl. A feminist lawyer. Hmm. That sounds very christian. That. seems like a way to build bridges. I don't see extraordinary men of the year!! I guess that can only be the male leader on top and no other can be extraordinary.

Also Lis Wiehl has a book titled The 51% Minority: "How Women Still Are Not Equal and What You Can Do About It". Yeah. Women aren't equal to men in every area. No kidding!! I don't think men are equal to women in all area's either. This is the kind of woman this so called christian magazine supports. This is classic envy type behavior which the church magazine and the 2 married male leaders who publish this magazine wants women to hate most men obviously and make them they are victims which is just horrible. This kind of behavior leads to horrible results as envy always does and clearly these male leaders want all men to be mistreated and abused which will happen with this kind of envy politics. Leviticus Chapter 27 also feels the average valuation in the supply and demand world is not the same for each gender and also not the same based on your age. So clearly Lis hates the Jewish bible and the church magazine supports this.

Hmm. The contact info. 2 male leaders who are married . Of all the other contacts 11 women and 3 men with the 2 men (I think one is a man's name) on the bottom of each list. And they have a mtlm women speak. Do mtlm men speak. Or the only men that are allowed to speak are the men on top? He thinks this is going to build bridges a church with few men involved and seems to be promoting feminism and feminist lawyers. That really doesn't seem to be christian to me. Although I am not a Christian.

These women don't believe in anything. They just like to persecute men and hide behind religion to do so and they just use Jesus when someone doesn't fit their agenda but if they do it is ok not to believe.

This  kind of hate does not benefit Jews either as the biggest reason for hatred of Jews has always been envy and when women feel they have to be equal or better then men in all area's they also can't except that Israel should belong to everyone equally or better and Jews of course should be the minority.

I'm sad to say that at this point I don't see the Karaites possessing much of an alternative to Rabbinic Judaism and I originally suspected that part of the issue to begin with was some political fight that the Karaities themselves also were doing things that clearly were against the bible as well and maybe the reason the Karaites are such a small group is because at the end of the day feminism does create low birth rates as to pit men against women and cause them to be enemies of each other that is the end result. Few marriages and few children.

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