Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Need to go to sleep.

I am tired. I had to complain today about a so called female co-worker who is over 45 and first asks well it anyone in front and then when she is told she isn't goes well I am a women and women first since I guess me and another man were ahead and I said that is an abuse of using your womanhood and she says well that is a reality. And all she could have said was to interrupt for a few seconds which is all she was doing anyway.

I know the reality. She tries to use her womanhood to get special treatment over men in on office that both men and women are working and their time is just as important. And if someone gets upset I guess she will say that person doesn't respect that I am a woman although respect is a two way street. And she knew what she was doing.

In other news I am beginning to see the Karaite movement is big on pushing feminism and women focusing on being little men and not on what are they suppose to do and their unique obligations like giving a sacrifice after they have a child. And being the helpmate to a man. Not the the helpmate of the male Karaite leaader on top. That is not true Judaism. That is another man made power grab.I just look at the profile of people who comment on Nehemiah Gordon's profile on Facebool. Mostly women. And with profiles that show the women are not following what the bible requires of them. Some openly admit they are feminist. The profile today of a woman who wants to take dating nice and slow and just be "friends" with men of course but her main   focus is her "career". Not being a wife and mother. That isn't one of her main goals. A woman like that is not doing what the bible really wants no matter who the Karaites pretend and yet it doesn't bother them.

I am so fed up with organized religion and the men on top especially Jewish groups who want the women to envy rank and file men which benefits them the men on top of  course. Classic divide and conquer.


Bobby C said...

Huh??? Your story makes zero sense, as usual. Why don't you read it back to yourself, and see if you can possibly understand what it means. I TRY to read this blog, but your lack of proofreading makes it very difficult. A story has a beginning, a middle and an end. (And usually a point to it.) What did the woman do that upset you? Seriously, read this post again and ask yourself what in the world it means, because I have no clue, and I'm sure no one else reading will have a clue either.

SouthernBelle Rivky said...

I'm going to guess....the female coworker cut ahead of the bathroom line.

Hang in there, few more days until deadline! And Passover!!!!

I did think it is really funny you haven't done your own taxes yet. I sort of pictured you did them in December. :)