Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Leviticus Chapter 13-14 discusses Leprosy (and isolated for 7 days) which I guess doesn't exist today.

This issue of a week again. It is interesting. The Cohen did have a lot of responsibility. And if you are not sure the Cohen has to recheck every 7 days and this person has to be isolated in guess he is impure. This is an

impurity caused by inappropriate speech which is why you are isolated I think.

Also afterwords the person has to shave his whole head and whole beard which this law against not touching parts of the beard are imitating a pagan rite of mourning but as we see hear in these cases they did shave the persons whole beard. (Leviticus 14:9-10). I would think this is also for a woman as well. Obviously not a beard though.

It is interesting if there is a "doubt" the person is isolated for 7 days which of course if it turns out it is leprosy the person is isolated for another 7 days. I guess people should take care not to have rashes that look like they may be leprosy.

Also the  rite to purify the person is very unique that is for sure. Levticus 14:14-16 rights foot right finger right ear I guess the ear is part of the sin here so that is why the right ear is part of the purifying process I think.

I wonder if there is any type of leprosy today??


Analytical Adam said...

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I thought that Mr. Adam was a big science guy and would know this stuff. Leprosy aka Hansen's disease is rare especially in USA and Europe, but is more common (still rare) in Asia, especially India and China where there's tons of people.

It is caused by a respiratory bacteria, somewhat like TB, except skin problems also show up. Someone infected coughing, or drinking out same cup spreads it, so it tended to show up in family group

and why most cultures isolated carriers. Today's strain is the same that has been found in with Egyptian mummies and other burial sites, so it is same disease. Nowadays treated with long course of antibiotics pretty successfully.

Armadillos for some reason are also carriers. Too bad because they are sooo cute and chilled in a funky looking dinosaur way I think. Southern and Latin American people know this because some people like to eat Armadillos (don't touch the hairy parts outside the shell and no rare meat), but it's news to Yankee doodle dandies today See I'm not making it up. And I never had one so I don't know what they taste like, maybe chicken.

Good news it is pretty rare today as something like 90% of people have natural immunity. I don't know how this immunity or armadillos ties in with biblical leprosy

in the parsha. Bet you weren't expecting armadillos to crawl onto your blog..hahaha

Analytical Adam said...

Thanks for sharing. I do think the type of Leprosy mentioned in the bible has to be caused by different reasons as it does tie this to Miriam speaking badly about Moses later on which was uncalled for. In a way it was to weed out those who have a tendency to use speech in the wrong way.

Not sure if God through man would want science to be able to "cure" this and the reason we don't have it today is because we don't deserve knowing who is using speech improperly since we take speech for granted so much and just use double talk and false speech so much and this has seeped into religion as well included Judaism and therefore if we had this today everyone would have it although the bad part about this is it is hard to know who is using speech properly and who isn't using speech properly by not having this.