Friday, April 22, 2011

Lawyers and the war against OBGYNS who help women bring life into the world.

Long ago I read this book called The Rule of Lawyers by Walter Olson a real interesting read. Dealing with trial lawyers and some other lawsuits in general. How the lawyers really do abuse everyone and play to envy and hatred of another group whether it is the South hating the North (with many of these bogus lawsuits in Southern rural counties that were jealous of companies in the North) or people just hating Doctors because they don't have as prestigious a profession. And the lawyers sue the whole chain of any product to the point that many companies now don't make certain medical devices that people really need because of silicon and suits of  this product to every company that is involved in the process and it really is terrible as it hurts those that really need these items. A country with lawyers continuing to have extreme power sadly will lead to less or no innovation and brings our country down to non-innovative in many area's. Here is a link to this book.

The rule of lawyers I know I haven't got to OBGYN's but read on.

These lawyers have no soul. The worst example is them suing doctors for children that have cerebral palsy  and playing to the emotion of the jury that the doctor caused this and showing the sick child. And saying the Doctor should have performed a C-Section. As C-sections are generally a last resort as they leave a scar and are more painful then regular birth from Doctors and the little that I have heard when some women who loved lawyers were angry when a woman had a C-section (blaming all men of course and not herself for loving lawyers so much and seeing that these lawyers only care about making money to satisfy their own wife and don't really care about other women) as it did seem to be much harder then natural child birth and should only been done if necessary as it is surgery. Yet these lawyers won some of the lawsuits and malpractice of OBGYN's is very high and doctors perform more C-sections to avoid frivolous lawsuits yet there are no less children with cerebral palsy as this was junk science to begin with.

And many Doctors are more worried about the lawsuits that doing what is best for the patience and it is terrible for these lawyers to not care about the fact that a woman won't get the proper care because of frivolous lawsuits when she is pregnant. All I can say is wink, wink is that when these lawyers own wife is pregnant I hope their wife doesn't have a doctor that only acts to avoid lawsuits even if puts the women at higher risk of injury or death for herself to prevent a child not having cerebral palsy which at this time it is something beyond the doctors control anyway and suing and bankrupting hospitals and OBGYNS won't change this. Of course this was how John Edwards made his living and sadly that wasn't an issue but him having an affair was which it is sad that our media doesn't care about a lawyer attacking OBGYNS and this not being in the best interest for pregnant women as well.

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