Tuesday, April 05, 2011

The Karaite Declaration of faith.

I would agree with most of this. From the site Karaite Korner.

Before this I have to just comment I have to say this idea of an oral torah the more I think about it the more absurd it is as how can you preserve an "oral" tradition without it being distorted. It is asking people to believe that which is not there as you can't prove or disprove an "oral" tradition. Judaism and real religion is not about faith in something that can't be proven which is the case with an "oral" torah. Also the famous game of phone when if you just pass a message by the time it gets to the last person the message will be messed up.

Anyway this is the Karaite Declaration of faith.

The Karaite "Declaration of Faith" includes the main principles and practices which give Karaism its unique character including:
  • The uniqueness and oneness of YHWH as God and Creator.
  • The truth of the Torah given to Moses.
  • The perfect nature of the Torah which requires no additions or supplement (i.e. the Rabbanite Oral Law is extraneous).
  • The concept of an ultimate reward for those who keep the Torah.
  • The holiness of the Temple in Jerusalem and its status as a place to turn in prayer.
  • The beginning of months in the Biblical calendar according to the visibility of the Crescent New Moon
  • The beginning of years in the Biblical calendar according to the state of the barley crops (Abib) in the Land of Israel.
  • The truth and prophetic nature of the entire Hebrew Bible.
  • The truth and holiness of the Biblical Holidays and Feasts.
  • The eternal nature of God who rules the universe.
  • The concept of an Eschatological or "Messianic" Era in which all mankind will worship the one true God, YHWH. 

The only thing I would say is you do need people who have life experience and good character traits to be leaders just as God picked Moses to be a leader and to give the torah to the Jewish people. The bible speaks of "Elders" which I think are people who use their skills and knowledge to help people and be fair and punish those who act badly. That is different then what Rabbi's are today and have been.

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