Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I thought I would post this on Karaites and women which I think is overall a better position then Rabbinic.

Karaites and women

This is one of the less feminist articles (and I agree with most if it not all from my own reading on Tanach in which I see no specific exclusion of women testifying)  on them as one of them actually said that this idea of a woman marrying the brother of man who has no husband and the Karaites didn't follow this but the Rabbi's did???? I know of no Levirate marriages. Do you!! But furthermore, the Rabbi's didn't make this up and this Karaite claims it is turning a woman into chattel and just about making babies. So clearly the Karaites have at times also decided they know better then God. That is a real negative view of childbearing and on top of this the purpose of this is to preserve his brothers name and for the man also he is being forced into a marriage as this affects "two people" not one.  What is forced upon men doesn't seem to bother the Karaites.

Most of it I agree. A few things I don't. It mentions how nothing is not allowed to women in public roles but men they give the conjugal rights fully to women. So men in some area's are restricted but never women. That seems odd and shows a "one sided view" of male-female relations. However, I do have to say clearly YHWH does seem to feel that in public roles a man is better suited and anyone that claims otherwise is not being honest. The only women in a public role in her own right was Devorah. To conclude from that men and women are equal in public roles is pushing feminism. Of course Karaism it seems the main players were men not women and to pretend otherwise also is dishonest. That is true of all the Jewish movements, good or bad. Who are they kidding?

Also I find it ironic that they mention the "middle ages" as a time of misogyny this Karaite article. I think what they did to men was worse then how they treated women. It is amazing that how men who are not in positions of leadership don't seem to matter to many of the Karaties and I think that is wrong. According to the site Ladies Against Feminism and a book they have on their side church impotence they trace of the feminization of the church to the middle ages with male leaders like to reach out to women which they feel women are easier to make them believe what they say then men but deep down there was contempt to everyone who wasn't part of their clique.

It is so distressing and predictable all male religious leaders competing with each other who is more pro women while the rest of us men who are not part of their small clique are left to hang in the wind. It shows such contempt for other men to think they are the only good men. It also is an inappropriate power grab to undermine other men as they would like to be the male influence on the women.

Also I would think they claim Karaite Jews never have a "chained" women as if all women who want a divorce should get one and who cares about the children. Middle age women are more important. I hope some people are reading this and please comment. I would love to hear from you sharing some of my idea's.

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