Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Happy Passover to everyone.

Happy passover to everyone. I had to work late Monday because of the end of tax season. Sadly I have to spend Passover alone which is what it is. Organized religion for the most part seems to me to be about men in positions of power feeling it is their role to save all women and us rank and file men are the enemy. Sad to say Rabbi's and Karaites likely wouldn't have cared if God didn't save the first born males or that Pharoh just wanted to kill the boys but let the girls live. They wouldn't have cared and I really don't know how they celebrate Passover. It is a shame what the Jewish people do to their own men. A damn shame. Other people have to think we are a horrible people the way we treat our own men. This photo from wikipedia entry on Matza.

The reason for eating Matza is the fact that we didn't have time to make break before we left Egypt which testifies to the fact that this wasn't some uprising by the Jews against Egyptians but God through a miracle getting us out of Egypt and since it was God we couldn't bake our own bread as if we won some sort of uprising we could have made bread. That is for sure. 

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