Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Happy Passover is over. What is the significance of 7 no bread for 7 days.

I am constipated from eating all the Matzah and not having any bread. The Rabbi's added another day today but in today's time we would know when the new moon is so there is no purpose to the 8th day  other then to worship Rabbi's of the past and Rabbi's are just men with their own wife and children to support and that being the case they do things just that makes it easier for them to support their wife and children. But for me 7 days is what the torah says and in today's time we would know when the new moon when it was seen in Israel is so there is no purpose to celebrate "an extra day" which was based on doubt we thank God no longer have.

Anyway, it is interesting though that the time period of "a week" seems to have significance. Because of what happened in Egypt and having to leave in a hurry we don't eat bread for 7 days. I guess 1 day would not be enough even though we were let out in one day. Similarly many times of impurities that you read in Leviticus you also are impure for a week after you have the impurity. So clearly a period of a week is significant for an event to be imprinted in your mind that a day would not suffice. I guess a normal cycle that God created was the week with the day of rest on Saturday and then 6 days you are suppose to work.

Any additional thoughts please share.

It is interesting and Rabbi Daniel Lapin mentions this in his book that I thought was interesting that the 7 day week is uneven and clearly the 7 day week is from God and not from man. As for man a 5 day week would make more sense with 365 days in a year or some other breakdown. In fact he mentions in his book America's real war (which I try to separate the wheat from the chafe) that the Soviets wanted to adopt a 5 day week which divides evenly by 365 of course which 7 doesn't.


SouthernBelle Rivky said...

Mr. Adam, don't you think starting off telling everyone your bathroom troubles is well, really gross?? Would you want some hot girly telling you this?? I wonder if anyone calls hatzoloh over this...hahaha

Maybe you haven't figure out the secret though. Don't know why, you've been through lots more Passovers than I have....Stuff a note in the box you keep the passover stuff before you send to the back of the closet.
1. For Passover week and few days before, eat lot of fruit and vegs (potatoes don't count as veg). Lots and lots until you think you are turning into a big elephant (which are vegetarian). dried fruit is good too, but has more calories.

Do legumes too before Passover starts, although I think Mr. Adam will one day join the dark side and eat kitniyot like I do because it's a rabbi thingy Mr. Adam will realize a lot of it doesn't really apply. mmmmmm....kitniyot :)
2. You should drink extra water that helps with the extra fiber.
3. Exercising going for a jog or a brisk walk of good size helps move things along.
4. Next time, no going so wild and crazy eating lots of matzah, way more than the mitzvah requires. Just because it gets marked down during chol hamod, you can stock up for later. matzah lasts a long time on the shelf.
hope this helps....

Analytical Adam said...

Well thanks for sharing Rivky and some idea's to reduce this.

I am just sharing as what can I say. I wouldn't think less of a woman if something was bothering her as well and she asked me for advice although I am not sure I would know but in this case I did think you or someone would have some suggestions.