Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Pasover, have a good weekend and happy easter.

Interesting I just read that Easter is always the Sunday after the full moon and it has to be spring time which means after March 21st although sometimes the spring equinox is before March 21st but the church defined it this way. Why it has to be on Sunday of course is man made? My feelings have been that for good or for bad Jesus and Chrisitianity in general did help in terms of helping those not Jewish learn about the Jewish bible as Jewish people didn't really want to share their idea's which really they are suppose to do as their God doesn't just care about the Jewish people and not care about anybody else. Although Jesus was imperfect as all men are and worshiping him like a God and turning God into a man is just something that I don't think is a good thing especially when I see it is mostly women who are the ones who do this which is perverting their own role is being the helpmate of some man which is their nature but if not done properly their role gets perverted. Also the Jewish bible does say they will never arise a prophet like Moses. The last verse in the five books of Moses which means no man later can be at the level of Moses who also was very righteous but not perfect either as no one is. Deutoronomy 34:10 "Never again in Israel a prophet like Moses whom the Lod singled out face to face".

We do read this weak a portion of the bible related to Passover as we did a break from the normal reading which at the present time is in Leviticus which is very interesting the passages in Leviticus which I will share some idea's I have heard this weekend.

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