Sunday, April 10, 2011

From an article by Aryeh Tepper. Most suicide bombers have weak fathers

"Many suicide bombers, both male and female, come from families with weak father figures; women often enlist because they’re attracted by the co-ed training environment, while boys and men are pulled in by the promise of the virgins who will be waiting for them in paradise."

This from an article by Aryeh Tepper why we love Death. IMO it seems the weak father is the bigger player IMO and it is mostly boys. Here is the link.

This was by interviewing those who didn't succeed thank God in trying to engage in this suicide mission. 

Article by Aryeh Tepper We Love Death

 If it really was 72 virgins then what the heck does weak fathers have to do with it. I think the sons sees life as meaningless unlike the male leaders who love life and don't want to blow themselves up. He likely lives in a home with a father that is bossed around all the time and if the wife treats her husband this way she likely treats her son even worse and the father says nothing. He likely he sees no point in this world and he has to be a slave to his wife and let his wife be a jerk. So his real hate isn't towards the Jewish people. His real hate is to his mother who treats him and his father badly and a father that lets himself be treated this way.
Furthermore, this hatred towards father and any male authority is a worldwide movement ironically sponsored by men in position of power that want all other men to have no power as a husband, father, boss, you name it. Some of these corrupt dictators in Muslim countries likely do want the father to be undermined. This leads to boys not valuing this world since they see it as them being a slave to bad people and this makes it more likely they will just kill themselves for some cause since they won't lose much. The leaders who aren't slaves again seem to value this world.

Also most women aren't attracted to doing this because they aren't treated as badly by the mother and father as they boys are and do see some point in this world. If we want this evil to stop I think we do need to stop allowing fathers authority to be challenged and then boys wouldn't be so willing to give up their life in this sick way as they would value life and see their is a point to living in this world. The reality is suicide type missions was not common in past Muslim cultures as far as I know. More feminism by the way will make this problem worse. Not better.

To be fair men in other cultures although not to this extreme also seem to feel that fighting endless wars makes them holy and they like the admiration they get for doing this but if you look at their background sadly their motivation is not appropriate and they also don't view this world as a man as doing anything else but fighting endless war s where they can come home dead as this world and being a man that actually creates something and uses him brain and heart is something completely foreign to him as he had a father that didn't take part in day to day life in a normal matter. The way of God is a way of life not a way of death.

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