Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Friday April 15th is emancipation day. The day God passed over first born Israelite men is Monday night.

Not for me is April 15th emancipation day. This is the 150th anniversity of the civil war which extends tax season till April 18th which that night is Passover and god knows the company I am working for once me to stay late Monday and most Jewish companies have to promote "equality": and they never hire Jewish man that aren't part of their small clique but will hire women and people from other ethnic backgrounds.They won't fire themselves of course to promote "equality".

I still don't know what I am going to do for Passover. After all the story of Pharoh only wanting to kill the boys and let the girls go was likely made up by some man that wanted false sympathy. After all only women can be abused. Men are never, ever abused. Just ask any Jewish religious leader of any denomination. Only women are abused throughout history. So the story of Passover I don't see how it makes sense. Because men are never abused. I mean could someone explain this to me. Only women are abused from what I read. This should be investigated.  I have to be at work early tomorrow.

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