Friday, April 22, 2011

17 year old forced to sign a document to pay child support for 18 years for a kid not his.

This is just horrible. This is very common though to just use young men who nobody cares about and turn them into slaves of the state and ruin their prime years that will be coming. Sadly nobody cares because their is nothing sexy about helping young men and some women like when men are shown to be bad even when they really aren't and this helps the government make new laws to pander to women and get women to vote for them. 17 year old boys story. During the holiday of Passover men becoming slaves of the state I think things like this should be mentioned.

Here is part of the article but check the link.

One of the most pernicious injustices in the family court system is the way child support enforcement agencies manhandle underage boys, often manipulating them into signing paternity declarations as minors without parental consent or legal counsel. Thomas Rodriguez (pictured) is one of these young men.
Fathers and Families has helped introduce two paternity fraud bills in the the California legislature this year, one of which (SB 377) will address the injustices faced young men like Thomas. In Thomas’ support letter to Senator Rod Wright (D-Los Angeles), the bill’s author, he explains:
I am writing to you in support of SB 377, because when I was 17-years-old I was victimized by the problem which the bill addresses.
The hospital manipulated me into signing a paternity declaration when my former girlfriend gave birth to a son she said was mine. There was no parental consent nor did I have access to legal counsel or advice. I was never informed of the legal implications of what I was being asked to sign and I did not fully understand them. I thought that because I was a minor, there couldn’t be serious legal implications. I have since learned differently.


SouthernBelle Rivky said...

I read about this yesterday on Advice Goddess blog

Totally evil. I think paternity testing ought to be mandatory. After all they test newborns and give them tons of preventatives for all sorts of silly and often pretty stuff that generally isn't relevant anyways. Could also reduce hospital baby mix ups too with DNA testing.

BUT, Mr. Adam, you got to explain something!!!!...well, you don't have to, but since you are pretty smart man, and you know how guys think. Maybe you will enlighten us clueless girls who are getting bad headaches thunking head against the wall.

Surely this isn't the first and totally isoloated rotten behavior from this guy's ex. Nice people just don't turn into bad apples. I mean surely this chickie was a bad time wicked witch all long or shortly after meeting. No surprises drama queen would get worse. So why would a guy get involved and stay involved (well long enough to possibly have a kid) with such a creep girl? There are nice girls out from nice families that would never dream of doing this kind of stuff.

SouthernBelle Rivky said...

Oh wanted to say again, I am NOT suggesting or implying that getting caught up with someone who's a jerk means they deserve something really bad like this to happen.

I do really hope the guy gets a DNA test and things get resolved fairly for his situation.

Analytical Adam said...

To answer your question SothernBelle this guy is 17 years old. Common on. Both in American law (which is at 18) and biblically (which is at 20) he is not a full adult. To be fair the women isn't either and likely she has learned this from other adult women to behave this way.

When I dated a few times in my late 20's and very early 30's and (which was only a few girls as I wasn't helped and the once I was set up by family they lied to me about the girl for no real reason) I was very naive myself and I was in my late 20's and a little over 30 which I am less so now and realize feminism is a bad movement but at one point in my own life

I was naive too at one point and had little knowledge as why do you think they are doing this to young boys really!! Because they are naive and have limited life experience. I am not saying this guy is perfect but nothing he did deserves this punishment.

Men can be misled too especially when they are this young and have little life experience with women and law in general.

SouthernBelle Rivky said...

Thanks for answering. OK I can accept being young naive and inexperienced at life. It's same problem girls have too.

Kind of like the expression, youth is wasted on the young...haha

Analytical Adam said...

Absolutely! That is why people like to brainwash the young because they want their youth to be wasted and if they found the truth out later on well they can't turn back the clock.

And I hope less people are brainwashed so they make better decisions when they are young.

SouthernBelle Rivky said...

Mr. Adam wouldn't want to read about this one either. So not fair either.

By the way, boo hoo on the moderation :P

Analytical Adam said...

The reason is for moderation is it is easier to monitor a few posts then many but for the most part I would post items that I have to approve.

Analytical Adam said...

Regarding this link the person I feel the worst for is the child (and also the husband who was just being used) in that he may be told false things about the wife's ex by the mother and if he finds out the ex isn't his father it would really be hard and maybe then he would understand the whole issue here.

I understand why the bible and God views adultery with a married woman a serious sin for both the man and woman that they don't have the right to live as it is to protect children and have decent, loving parents.

Children at the end of the day are the most vulnerable and a child who is living with a cheater who benefited from this and got rid of the husband too is not fair to the child who deserves to be in a LOVING HOME THAT TEACHES PROPER VALUES which will not be the case here and really can never be the case.

It is so crazy that we want to blame a husband for a woman who cheated. It also really says that women have no ability to control themselves and to separate a good woman from a bad woman.

Really the husband should raise this child since he is the only one that has no reason to deceive the child even though it isn't his but out of the fact that it is a vulnerable child he wants to take care of it or find a loving family of a husband and wife that does.