Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Leviticus Chapter 13-14 discusses Leprosy (and isolated for 7 days) which I guess doesn't exist today.

This issue of a week again. It is interesting. The Cohen did have a lot of responsibility. And if you are not sure the Cohen has to recheck every 7 days and this person has to be isolated in guess he is impure. This is an

impurity caused by inappropriate speech which is why you are isolated I think.

Also afterwords the person has to shave his whole head and whole beard which this law against not touching parts of the beard are imitating a pagan rite of mourning but as we see hear in these cases they did shave the persons whole beard. (Leviticus 14:9-10). I would think this is also for a woman as well. Obviously not a beard though.

It is interesting if there is a "doubt" the person is isolated for 7 days which of course if it turns out it is leprosy the person is isolated for another 7 days. I guess people should take care not to have rashes that look like they may be leprosy.

Also the  rite to purify the person is very unique that is for sure. Levticus 14:14-16 rights foot right finger right ear I guess the ear is part of the sin here so that is why the right ear is part of the purifying process I think.

I wonder if there is any type of leprosy today??

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Happy Passover is over. What is the significance of 7 no bread for 7 days.

I am constipated from eating all the Matzah and not having any bread. The Rabbi's added another day today but in today's time we would know when the new moon is so there is no purpose to the 8th day  other then to worship Rabbi's of the past and Rabbi's are just men with their own wife and children to support and that being the case they do things just that makes it easier for them to support their wife and children. But for me 7 days is what the torah says and in today's time we would know when the new moon when it was seen in Israel is so there is no purpose to celebrate "an extra day" which was based on doubt we thank God no longer have.

Anyway, it is interesting though that the time period of "a week" seems to have significance. Because of what happened in Egypt and having to leave in a hurry we don't eat bread for 7 days. I guess 1 day would not be enough even though we were let out in one day. Similarly many times of impurities that you read in Leviticus you also are impure for a week after you have the impurity. So clearly a period of a week is significant for an event to be imprinted in your mind that a day would not suffice. I guess a normal cycle that God created was the week with the day of rest on Saturday and then 6 days you are suppose to work.

Any additional thoughts please share.

It is interesting and Rabbi Daniel Lapin mentions this in his book that I thought was interesting that the 7 day week is uneven and clearly the 7 day week is from God and not from man. As for man a 5 day week would make more sense with 365 days in a year or some other breakdown. In fact he mentions in his book America's real war (which I try to separate the wheat from the chafe) that the Soviets wanted to adopt a 5 day week which divides evenly by 365 of course which 7 doesn't.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Pasover, have a good weekend and happy easter.

Interesting I just read that Easter is always the Sunday after the full moon and it has to be spring time which means after March 21st although sometimes the spring equinox is before March 21st but the church defined it this way. Why it has to be on Sunday of course is man made? My feelings have been that for good or for bad Jesus and Chrisitianity in general did help in terms of helping those not Jewish learn about the Jewish bible as Jewish people didn't really want to share their idea's which really they are suppose to do as their God doesn't just care about the Jewish people and not care about anybody else. Although Jesus was imperfect as all men are and worshiping him like a God and turning God into a man is just something that I don't think is a good thing especially when I see it is mostly women who are the ones who do this which is perverting their own role is being the helpmate of some man which is their nature but if not done properly their role gets perverted. Also the Jewish bible does say they will never arise a prophet like Moses. The last verse in the five books of Moses which means no man later can be at the level of Moses who also was very righteous but not perfect either as no one is. Deutoronomy 34:10 "Never again in Israel a prophet like Moses whom the Lod singled out face to face".

We do read this weak a portion of the bible related to Passover as we did a break from the normal reading which at the present time is in Leviticus which is very interesting the passages in Leviticus which I will share some idea's I have heard this weekend.

Lawyers and the war against OBGYNS who help women bring life into the world.

Long ago I read this book called The Rule of Lawyers by Walter Olson a real interesting read. Dealing with trial lawyers and some other lawsuits in general. How the lawyers really do abuse everyone and play to envy and hatred of another group whether it is the South hating the North (with many of these bogus lawsuits in Southern rural counties that were jealous of companies in the North) or people just hating Doctors because they don't have as prestigious a profession. And the lawyers sue the whole chain of any product to the point that many companies now don't make certain medical devices that people really need because of silicon and suits of  this product to every company that is involved in the process and it really is terrible as it hurts those that really need these items. A country with lawyers continuing to have extreme power sadly will lead to less or no innovation and brings our country down to non-innovative in many area's. Here is a link to this book.

The rule of lawyers I know I haven't got to OBGYN's but read on.

Article by the American Conservative on Julian Assange the wikileak guy.

a ref=

His mother deprived him of his father and he seems to distrust most authority which is understandable when we have authority in the West that continue to enslave children and leave them with mothers that hate all men. 

While he isn't admirable yet these sex charges also are trumped up which sadly in the West that is the only think you could do to a guy who is unpopular accuse him of sex crimes based on he said-she said kind of info.

17 year old forced to sign a document to pay child support for 18 years for a kid not his.

This is just horrible. This is very common though to just use young men who nobody cares about and turn them into slaves of the state and ruin their prime years that will be coming. Sadly nobody cares because their is nothing sexy about helping young men and some women like when men are shown to be bad even when they really aren't and this helps the government make new laws to pander to women and get women to vote for them. 17 year old boys story. During the holiday of Passover men becoming slaves of the state I think things like this should be mentioned.

Here is part of the article but check the link.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Nehemiah Gordon and Keith Johnson and the church magazine that Nehemiah is supporting.

Sad to say Nehemiah Gordon seems to be putting other agenda's first and sadly as I can see the Karaites have many of their own problems and sadly don't seem to really fear God either. Many have never been in the trenches and rather then some humility about it seem to think that part of the torah regarding male-female relations is somehow wrong and they use dishonest reasoning that anyone can see is not true.

In fact feminist in general hate the bible because it doesn't say what they feel it should say and in their view promotes male dominance in some area's which of course some area's are clearly dominated by men and only a person with an agenda would not see that.

Anyway this pastor friend Keith Johnson writes seems to be a very "feminist church from the little I can see. And if Nehemiah Gordon wants to support women of the wall which their most recent article is just women bragging about wearing skullcaps and prayer shauls which I thought that was Rabbinic but I guess when women attack men based on Rabbinic Judaism Nehemiah Gordon supports it without seeing hear that regardless this looking at what men have and just trying to imitate men is a very anti biblical way for women to live in the first place.

Anyway here is the link to this group.

Support extraordinary women of the year. Lis Wiehl. A feminist lawyer. Hmm. That sounds very christian. That. seems like a way to build bridges. I don't see extraordinary men of the year!! I guess that can only be the male leader on top and no other can be extraordinary.

Also Lis Wiehl has a book titled The 51% Minority: "How Women Still Are Not Equal and What You Can Do About It". Yeah. Women aren't equal to men in every area. No kidding!! I don't think men are equal to women in all area's either. This is the kind of woman this so called christian magazine supports. This is classic envy type behavior which the church magazine and the 2 married male leaders who publish this magazine wants women to hate most men obviously and make them they are victims which is just horrible. This kind of behavior leads to horrible results as envy always does and clearly these male leaders want all men to be mistreated and abused which will happen with this kind of envy politics. Leviticus Chapter 27 also feels the average valuation in the supply and demand world is not the same for each gender and also not the same based on your age. So clearly Lis hates the Jewish bible and the church magazine supports this.

Hmm. The contact info. 2 male leaders who are married . Of all the other contacts 11 women and 3 men with the 2 men (I think one is a man's name) on the bottom of each list. And they have a mtlm women speak. Do mtlm men speak. Or the only men that are allowed to speak are the men on top? He thinks this is going to build bridges a church with few men involved and seems to be promoting feminism and feminist lawyers. That really doesn't seem to be christian to me. Although I am not a Christian.

These women don't believe in anything. They just like to persecute men and hide behind religion to do so and they just use Jesus when someone doesn't fit their agenda but if they do it is ok not to believe.

This  kind of hate does not benefit Jews either as the biggest reason for hatred of Jews has always been envy and when women feel they have to be equal or better then men in all area's they also can't except that Israel should belong to everyone equally or better and Jews of course should be the minority.

I'm sad to say that at this point I don't see the Karaites possessing much of an alternative to Rabbinic Judaism and I originally suspected that part of the issue to begin with was some political fight that the Karaities themselves also were doing things that clearly were against the bible as well and maybe the reason the Karaites are such a small group is because at the end of the day feminism does create low birth rates as to pit men against women and cause them to be enemies of each other that is the end result. Few marriages and few children.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Happy Passover to everyone.

Happy passover to everyone. I had to work late Monday because of the end of tax season. Sadly I have to spend Passover alone which is what it is. Organized religion for the most part seems to me to be about men in positions of power feeling it is their role to save all women and us rank and file men are the enemy. Sad to say Rabbi's and Karaites likely wouldn't have cared if God didn't save the first born males or that Pharoh just wanted to kill the boys but let the girls live. They wouldn't have cared and I really don't know how they celebrate Passover. It is a shame what the Jewish people do to their own men. A damn shame. Other people have to think we are a horrible people the way we treat our own men. This photo from wikipedia entry on Matza.

The reason for eating Matza is the fact that we didn't have time to make break before we left Egypt which testifies to the fact that this wasn't some uprising by the Jews against Egyptians but God through a miracle getting us out of Egypt and since it was God we couldn't bake our own bread as if we won some sort of uprising we could have made bread. That is for sure. 

Friday, April 15, 2011

Unmarried women 22-30 earn 8% more then men in urban area's.

Male Female Wages

Nehemiah Gordon unfriended me on Facebook.

OK. Whatever. I do disagree with him supporting women of the wall and I guess unfriending someone is the way to do about dealing with someone criticizing you. Before Passover too when of course Pharoh specifically targeted Jewish boys. Any group that has to put Jewish men down or can't give them any role where they have some control over  at the end of the day really shouldn't celebrate Passover IMO. I just wonder what they do.

And women worshiping Jesus (and from my own experience it seems it is mostly women who like to worship Jesus who of course at the end of the day was a man who like every other man had some flaws) when you have people in the Jewish world like Nehemiah who don't see a problem with women worshiping Jesus to take the place of other men I have to believe they themselves want women to worship them which is clearly man made religion at it's worst when religious leaders want to take the place of husbands and be the "male influence" on women and can't handle competition from other men or have men with different idea's then they have.

Have a good weekend, a good Shabbos, and a happy emancipation day.

I have a few more tough days before tax season if finally over.

Among most Jews as far as I know we are currently reading the book of Leviticus and the various form of spiritual impurity. It is an interesting read. Hopefully I will share some of my thoughts and thinks I have read about this as it is very interesting.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Friday April 15th is emancipation day. The day God passed over first born Israelite men is Monday night.

Not for me is April 15th emancipation day. This is the 150th anniversity of the civil war which extends tax season till April 18th which that night is Passover and god knows the company I am working for once me to stay late Monday and most Jewish companies have to promote "equality": and they never hire Jewish man that aren't part of their small clique but will hire women and people from other ethnic backgrounds.They won't fire themselves of course to promote "equality".

I still don't know what I am going to do for Passover. After all the story of Pharoh only wanting to kill the boys and let the girls go was likely made up by some man that wanted false sympathy. After all only women can be abused. Men are never, ever abused. Just ask any Jewish religious leader of any denomination. Only women are abused throughout history. So the story of Passover I don't see how it makes sense. Because men are never abused. I mean could someone explain this to me. Only women are abused from what I read. This should be investigated.  I have to be at work early tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I thought I would post this on Karaites and women which I think is overall a better position then Rabbinic.

Karaites and women

This is one of the less feminist articles (and I agree with most if it not all from my own reading on Tanach in which I see no specific exclusion of women testifying)  on them as one of them actually said that this idea of a woman marrying the brother of man who has no husband and the Karaites didn't follow this but the Rabbi's did???? I know of no Levirate marriages. Do you!! But furthermore, the Rabbi's didn't make this up and this Karaite claims it is turning a woman into chattel and just about making babies. So clearly the Karaites have at times also decided they know better then God. That is a real negative view of childbearing and on top of this the purpose of this is to preserve his brothers name and for the man also he is being forced into a marriage as this affects "two people" not one.  What is forced upon men doesn't seem to bother the Karaites.

Most of it I agree. A few things I don't. It mentions how nothing is not allowed to women in public roles but men they give the conjugal rights fully to women. So men in some area's are restricted but never women. That seems odd and shows a "one sided view" of male-female relations. However, I do have to say clearly YHWH does seem to feel that in public roles a man is better suited and anyone that claims otherwise is not being honest. The only women in a public role in her own right was Devorah. To conclude from that men and women are equal in public roles is pushing feminism. Of course Karaism it seems the main players were men not women and to pretend otherwise also is dishonest. That is true of all the Jewish movements, good or bad. Who are they kidding?

Also I find it ironic that they mention the "middle ages" as a time of misogyny this Karaite article. I think what they did to men was worse then how they treated women. It is amazing that how men who are not in positions of leadership don't seem to matter to many of the Karaties and I think that is wrong. According to the site Ladies Against Feminism and a book they have on their side church impotence they trace of the feminization of the church to the middle ages with male leaders like to reach out to women which they feel women are easier to make them believe what they say then men but deep down there was contempt to everyone who wasn't part of their clique.

It is so distressing and predictable all male religious leaders competing with each other who is more pro women while the rest of us men who are not part of their small clique are left to hang in the wind. It shows such contempt for other men to think they are the only good men. It also is an inappropriate power grab to undermine other men as they would like to be the male influence on the women.

Also I would think they claim Karaite Jews never have a "chained" women as if all women who want a divorce should get one and who cares about the children. Middle age women are more important. I hope some people are reading this and please comment. I would love to hear from you sharing some of my idea's.

I do have open comments for seven days and then it goes to moderation as older posts I put on moderation mode. 

Need to go to sleep.

I am tired. I had to complain today about a so called female co-worker who is over 45 and first asks well it anyone in front and then when she is told she isn't goes well I am a women and women first since I guess me and another man were ahead and I said that is an abuse of using your womanhood and she says well that is a reality. And all she could have said was to interrupt for a few seconds which is all she was doing anyway.

I know the reality. She tries to use her womanhood to get special treatment over men in on office that both men and women are working and their time is just as important. And if someone gets upset I guess she will say that person doesn't respect that I am a woman although respect is a two way street. And she knew what she was doing.

In other news I am beginning to see the Karaite movement is big on pushing feminism and women focusing on being little men and not on what are they suppose to do and their unique obligations like giving a sacrifice after they have a child. And being the helpmate to a man. Not the the helpmate of the male Karaite leaader on top. That is not true Judaism. That is another man made power grab.I just look at the profile of people who comment on Nehemiah Gordon's profile on Facebool. Mostly women. And with profiles that show the women are not following what the bible requires of them. Some openly admit they are feminist. The profile today of a woman who wants to take dating nice and slow and just be "friends" with men of course but her main   focus is her "career". Not being a wife and mother. That isn't one of her main goals. A woman like that is not doing what the bible really wants no matter who the Karaites pretend and yet it doesn't bother them.

I am so fed up with organized religion and the men on top especially Jewish groups who want the women to envy rank and file men which benefits them the men on top of  course. Classic divide and conquer.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

From an article by Aryeh Tepper. Most suicide bombers have weak fathers

"Many suicide bombers, both male and female, come from families with weak father figures; women often enlist because they’re attracted by the co-ed training environment, while boys and men are pulled in by the promise of the virgins who will be waiting for them in paradise."

This from an article by Aryeh Tepper why we love Death. IMO it seems the weak father is the bigger player IMO and it is mostly boys. Here is the link.

This was by interviewing those who didn't succeed thank God in trying to engage in this suicide mission. 

Article by Aryeh Tepper We Love Death

 If it really was 72 virgins then what the heck does weak fathers have to do with it. I think the sons sees life as meaningless unlike the male leaders who love life and don't want to blow themselves up. He likely lives in a home with a father that is bossed around all the time and if the wife treats her husband this way she likely treats her son even worse and the father says nothing. He likely he sees no point in this world and he has to be a slave to his wife and let his wife be a jerk. So his real hate isn't towards the Jewish people. His real hate is to his mother who treats him and his father badly and a father that lets himself be treated this way.
Furthermore, this hatred towards father and any male authority is a worldwide movement ironically sponsored by men in position of power that want all other men to have no power as a husband, father, boss, you name it. Some of these corrupt dictators in Muslim countries likely do want the father to be undermined. This leads to boys not valuing this world since they see it as them being a slave to bad people and this makes it more likely they will just kill themselves for some cause since they won't lose much. The leaders who aren't slaves again seem to value this world.

Also most women aren't attracted to doing this because they aren't treated as badly by the mother and father as they boys are and do see some point in this world. If we want this evil to stop I think we do need to stop allowing fathers authority to be challenged and then boys wouldn't be so willing to give up their life in this sick way as they would value life and see their is a point to living in this world. The reality is suicide type missions was not common in past Muslim cultures as far as I know. More feminism by the way will make this problem worse. Not better.

To be fair men in other cultures although not to this extreme also seem to feel that fighting endless wars makes them holy and they like the admiration they get for doing this but if you look at their background sadly their motivation is not appropriate and they also don't view this world as a man as doing anything else but fighting endless war s where they can come home dead as this world and being a man that actually creates something and uses him brain and heart is something completely foreign to him as he had a father that didn't take part in day to day life in a normal matter. The way of God is a way of life not a way of death.

Friday, April 08, 2011

Some slopes in the West expect to still have snow on July 4th.

Wow! I guess to melt 57 feet of snow takes a really long time.

Snow for July 4th

10 more days till the end of tax season.

10 more day to go. I have been really busy. At least I'm not being taxed on this blog. :)

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Happy New Year. It was yesterday.

Yesterday was the "real" Jewish new year. The holiday we celebrate in the 7th month is a day of blasts. Anyway here is more. Watch the video from the link below.

Happy New Year

The Karaite Declaration of faith.

I would agree with most of this. From the site Karaite Korner.

Before this I have to just comment I have to say this idea of an oral torah the more I think about it the more absurd it is as how can you preserve an "oral" tradition without it being distorted. It is asking people to believe that which is not there as you can't prove or disprove an "oral" tradition. Judaism and real religion is not about faith in something that can't be proven which is the case with an "oral" torah. Also the famous game of phone when if you just pass a message by the time it gets to the last person the message will be messed up.

Anyway this is the Karaite Declaration of faith.

The Karaite "Declaration of Faith" includes the main principles and practices which give Karaism its unique character including:
  • The uniqueness and oneness of YHWH as God and Creator.
  • The truth of the Torah given to Moses.

Monday, April 04, 2011

What my co-worker said about Muslims and prayer regarding men and women.

I do know that Muslims are  suppose to pray 5 times a day. So I asked my co-worker does this just apply to men. Because according to our dear Rabbi's who are perfect beings of course we are suppose to pray three times a day but only us stupid men. Women don't have to pray at all. The guy told me that women have to pray too the only time they are exempt is during their period. To be fair. I don't think this praying all the time

The offerings a woman gives to the Cohen after giving birth.

In Leviticus Chapter 12 the bible discusses a period of impurity a woman has after giving birth. She is impure for 7 days and 33 days for a boy and 14 days and 66 days for a girl. The first 7 and 14 days being similar to the impurity during menstruation (which the bible hasn't discussed yet by the way).

After this period she brings both a burnt offering of a lamb and a "sin" offering of a pigeon or turtle dove. If she can't afford a lamb she bring for both sacrifices a pigeon or turtle dove. And the cohen gets forgiveness for her.

A woman giving birth of course is a good thing and a cause for celebration for bringing new life into the world. So what is she getting forgiveness for and being in a state of impurity for since she has acted in a good way by trying to get pregnant with a man and bringing life into the world. And why twice the amount for a girl then for a boy.

I can think of some answers but the question still is why adopt this for ALL WOMEN the same if this is the reason. I have heard that women many don't want to do it again when they are going through the pain of birth but I have read some women that had a relatively easy time and would do it again. Maybe they are just saying that. All I know is from reading the blog Domestic Felicity her first daughter she had an easy birth while the second one wasn't as pleasant from her own writing and on top of this I am sure some women have different attitudes towards it.

The other reason I thought of is that God gave women the ability to give birth to new life and they may think that they are the source while God created the process. It is true some women seem to think because they gave birth to the child they have special rights to the child or special powers and this period of impurity is so that they don't think they are God since it seems as if they created the life and they shouldn't view it this way. I guess it is also is a period to develop a bond with the new baby and maybe this is not being allowed touch sacred objects is for her to understand the bigger picture of her having the child. Just thinking out loud here The reason why a woman you would be impure double the time (and this I did hear from I think was Rabbi Frand a long time ago even though I am not crazy about him) is that a woman will one day will also be able to bring life and the responsibility that this ability means to women.

Any thoughts on this I would love to hear from you.

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Nehemiah Gordon supports Women of the Wall Nashot HaKotel. Think it is very immoral and wrong.

Of my 400 friends on Facebook he is only one of four to support this group which says something to me. Two aren't even people. One of them I know is hates men but loves the man who is the President which is Obama. Which is the way it works. If women hate the rank and file men they end up loving the men in the government that have far more potential for abuse then any rank and file man does.

Do I agree with every Rabbinic idea on women? Absolutely not!!! Having said that

Friday, April 01, 2011

The animal you may eat and the animals you may NOT eat.

Chapter 11 of Leviticus goes through the type of animals and Israelite may eat and those they may not eat. It does give a reason in 11:45 "For I am YHWH who brought you out of Egypt to be your Lord you shall be holy for I am holy."

Because we God saved the Jewish people in Israel we owe more to God then other nations do.

Anyway the whole chapter 11 discusses the various animals and what aspects make then that we are allowed to eat (have a slip hoof, chew it's cud for animals have to have both and the bible gives a few examples) and for fish (have fins and scales).

The one that is less known (at least I didn't even realize it) is insects and some insects are allowed to be eaten as this it the JPS translation of Leviticus 11:20-23.

"All winged swarmed things that walk on fours shall be an abomination to you. But these you may eat among all the winged and swarmed things that walk on fours all that have above their feet jointed legs to leap with on the ground of these you may eat the following: locusts of every variety, all varieties of bald locusts, crickets of every variety, and all varieties of grasshopper. But all other winged swarmed things that have four legs shall be an abomination to you."

Anyone know more about this. The Stone Artscroll just repeats the hebrew world for these insects but clearly God wanted us to separate some insects from others that we were allowed to eat.