Monday, March 07, 2011

Wonder how many total Jews there were during the building of the Mishkan as the Censes reported 603,550 men

Over 20 who gave half a shekel for this census which I guess excluded those men who couldn't give half a shekel because they were not mentally competent or for whatever reason DID NOT WANT to give a half a shekel to be counted.  (Exodus 38:26)

Wonder how many Jews all together although I guess that is NOT THE WAY that God wanted us to be counted that each individual would count. Rather that hopefully most adult women would be married and that they would rely on their husband which would give each individual man some influence as it benefits them to make sure their wife is healthy and feels emotionally involved and connected.

Of course today we would see this as backwards and oppressing women but looking at Western Cultures it is not healthy when women feel the government should take care of them (or the government to get women votes have to promise women many things using taxpayers money more of which comes from men) and they in the end don't benefit from this relationship as much as having a man that only has to take care of one women in most cases. And we see in the West the breakdown of the family and very low birth rates and once men who don't work for the government have little influence it doesn't create a healthy environment for marriage and to raise children and for men to have enough to attract a woman in the first place.

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