Thursday, March 31, 2011

My experiences working with a Muslim (of arab ethnic origin)company and feminism.

Since Feb 15th I have been working as an accountant for a firm that has a lot of Muslim clients and at least the owners wife is from Egypt not sure where the owner is but they clearly speak in arabic and it is very interesting that Arabic in some ways is very similar to hebrew in that they say Salam Alekim and it sounds very similar to Shalom Elecheim and they respect Aleikim Salem which is similar to the hebrew way to respond.

Anyway from listening to some of the shows (like Savages show) he thinks if the women become feminists this will save the countries but I have to honestly say I think some of the extremism comes from feminism. I have to say from doing tax returns I have noticed a lot of arabic women they don't take their husbands name or use a hyphenated name.

Savage loves to say that the women should fight the religious leaders as if that is who rules over them. If the arab men that women are married to listens to whatever the male religious leader on top says which is women want men that can't think for themselves then that is the problem right there and that kind of attitude leads to having tyrannical men when most men don't want to think for themselves and women don't want men to think for themselves.

These suicide bombers also to me seem like EXTREME FEMINISM. These are mostly men are blow themselves up (of course the male leaders do) and the mothers are always happy that their son is dead and they can use his death for money for themselves. What kind of mother would feel joy for this unless they really have some twisted view of men. Which of course the biggest problem with this whole idea that it is just men abusing women is that actually women have plenty of chances to take advantage of their male children (who are physically much smaller and have no ability to defend themselves) as they usually spend the most time with them more then the father which is just the way it is. So clearly to just think that it is men aggressor, women victim in any culture is not being 100% honest about the reality of male-female relations which men actually start out being mostly dependent on their mother at least for the first few years.

The saddest thing is nobody really cares about children. They are the ones who are the victims if a family has a perverse mentality and if this whole ideology of hating men I would think does cause some men who have no reason to live in this world as the leaders never blow themselves up.

Any comments or if you feel otherwise feel free to comment.

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