Tuesday, March 01, 2011

My day at work today some women complained about me last week to my boss.

Basically he was telling me that she felt I was following her because

A. Once (in 4 days) when she got up I think I got up as well and all I did was say hello and another time I asked if she bought the Pizza as she was eating lunch when I was gong out to have lunch.

B. Going out of the parking lot I turned around because I couldn't get out and went through the back on the first day as I didn't realize the easier way to get out.

So for that she thought I was following her which I told him and I said you know if anything I don't get up from my desk enough and 1 time I got up around the same time she did in 4 days. And the parking I just said I wasn't sure how to get out and he didn't seem to think anything was really going on which there wasn't. I was just trying to be friendly and got a little confused getting out of the parking lot the first night and it was dark out.

In some respects I think she was watching me rather then the other way around and she said that I went around "a couple of times' which is not true. I went around the back once to get out of the parking lot.

But my boss didn't really think much of her complaints from what it sounded like and accepted what I said I guess because I try to be friendly and I am sure he sees that and saying hello to someone once or twice in four days and just asking where they got Pizza is not anything to feel someone is watching you.


SouthernBelle Rivky said...

Wanted to say I'm really sorry you went through that. Try not to let it put a damper on working there if you otherwise like the job.

The woman sounds like a crazy lady to come up with that, but who knows maybe she finds something to complain about every new person that gets hired and your boss knows this. If anything, being out in parking lot alone after dark is a safety issue, far more so for women, so any normal person would not react if you were there when she was. It does sound like she is watching you which probably is creepy feeling.

Maybe she feels threatened by you in some way, like you are more qualified or talented, whether this is really true or perceived. This is her way of negging you trying to take you down a few notches. Maybe your bosses said something about you that was complimentary around her and she was jealous. Or she has issues like you bear a resemblance or have same name as something she doesn't like.

Whatever the reason, don't let it get to you. I've encountered nutcases like that. It probably isn't a gender thing, same people do this to their gender as well. It is very uneasy feeling, but you can't let their neurosis affect you or they are winning.

Analytical Adam said...

With the exception of one area men (which statistically is very low although if you are the one person that is little consolation and yeah I can understand someone's concern) actually are more at risk then women are and at night sometimes with people's brights on you do get the feeling sometimes someone is watching over you.

Anyway at least in this area it seems like this issue hasn't been a problem since then as far as I know.