Monday, March 07, 2011

More talk about the Temple and contributions of both men and women.

Last two weeks the bible reading has been finishing up Exodus from Chapter 35 and some interesting observations I have here.

Here is a photo of the ruins of the temple since this is talking about the temple.
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I will mention you here for now. They are talking about various contributions and work done to create the temple and both manual and other types of labor to make the various items in the temple.

Also interesting in the male-female issue. In terms of bringing items gold and other ornaments for the temple it does say in Exodus 35:22 the Hebrew doesn't translate exactly knowing Hebrew a little bit although in English just translate it men and women and artscroll translates it men brought the women which they explain that women want to contribute their jewelry to the temple. Also could be the men brought it for the women who wanted to make this contribution.

Also interestingly in Exodus 35:25 it mentions specific work women did to help create materials for the temple as it says "All the skilled women spun with their own hands and brought what they had spun in blue, purple, and crimson yarns, and in fine linen.

After this it mentions that both men and women which does agree with the hebrew contributed Exodus 35:29 "Thus the Israelites, all the men and women whose hearts moved them to bring anything for the work that the lord through Moses had commanded to be done brought it as a freewill offering to the lord".

Once the material was given from Exodus 36-most of the rest of the book they discuss the temple and some of the work the men (and it seems like it was all men as it uses the word Ish) did to make the various objects for the temple with Bezalel leading the way which is a name sadly we never hear of but clearly for God to give him this role he must have been a skilled but also a man of proper character and interestingly it says in Exodus 36:2 that "Bezalel and Oholiab and all the skilled persons whom the Lord has endowed with skill and ability to perform expertly all the tasks connected with the service of the sanctuary carry out all that the Lord has commanded". So God gave them this special talent and I think it shows while we have to work to develop it God gave us this skill in the first place to be able to learn and we shouldn't become haughty and think it is all ourselves.


SouthernBelle Rivky said...

The dome thingy ruins otherwise nice picture ::runs away fast!::

Oh on your other post, so when does it mean you are celebrating Passover?? And none of this been all by yourself all passover, no fun!

Analytical Adam said...

In terms of the date of Passover it is around the same time as everyone else since the barley had not bloomed or ripened yet.

It is good that Passover comes out the day after tax season ends April 19th. Taxes are due April 18th. The last couple of years passover was during tax season.

How I will be celebrating it? I have no idea. I don't really like the so called religious world for reasons I have explained and the last time I went for Shavoath away I didn't really like it.

Fun is putting somebody else down which I don't want to be a part of. It makes of miserable and upset and that is not how I want to celebrate the holiday.

SouthernBelle Rivky said...

Awww...I don't want you to be upset. Do I ever put you down? Even when we disagree?? No way, You are too valuable! :)

Glad Passover after taxes are due. I still have to do a few weeks.

Analytical Adam said...

I don't enjoy the environment and it has nothing to with even myself being put down just that general type of environment.

I do appreciate that you think I am valuable which certainly that is one of the nicest complements a person can give someone :) although I am just one man and we all need to contribute which in the Jewish way seems to be the building block of contribution is through the family unit which is an entity of it's own.