Thursday, March 31, 2011

More on the sacrifices.

Currently Jewish people on the Sabbath are reading about the sacrifices.

To mention one item that is interesting and of course today would be consider both discriminating against woman and other nationalities but the only person that can eat from a sacrifice was a male from the Cohen line which starts with Aaron. No one who isn't a male from the paternal line of Aaron could eat from the sacrifice although they could not eat from the fat which was a sacrifice to God. (Leviticus 6:22, 6:11) It is repeated after each type of sacrifice.

I did read an interesting on sacrifices or at least one reason for them. Back in those times people had some animals as property that they used for milk or in some cases I guess the animal was potential food for themselves. To give this up to the temple was giving up something that was yours towards God. Of a high quality animal. This in some way is showing remorse towards God if you did something wrong or honoring God by giving something up for God instead of for yourself.

Also Moses seems to do these sacrifices in Leviticus 8. That part I don't understand as I thought this was only for Aaron and his sons but maybe since he was Aaron's brother it was a horizontal relationship he could do this but Moses children could not. It also is interested that this is given to Aaron and not Moses is in some different way Aaron (maybe in terms of being an overall better father, don't know) was considered a better vessel then Moses was as no one in the bible is perfect in all area's.

I would love to hear some comments on any of the issues brought out here.

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