Sunday, March 20, 2011

Leviticus discusses the various sacrifices to be given. which I guess today would seem barbaric.

However it seems the animal was slaughtered in a way that the animal would die right away with no or very quick pain before dying.

About a week ago we started reading the biblical portion of Leviticus. The first 5 chapters we read about a regular offering, peace offerings and a sin offering.

It does seem that they first slaughtered the animal and then they used it is parts to sacrifice on the alter. It doesn't say how it should be slaughtered. Although it does say he shall lay his hand upon the head of the burnt offering that it may be acceptable on his behalf (Leviticus 1:4) although I don't know what this means. For a Turtle Dov and pigeon (Leviticus 1:14) it says in my artscroll nip and the JPS translation is to pinch off it's head but the slaughter is through and according to commentator in artscroll the Cohen killed it with it's fingernails!! This method would not be acceptable for another animal. It does seem to use a method that would kill the animal without pain. Not sure why it is vague on how to slaughter in the beginning of the chapter unless the translation is off.

A couple of things I DID LEARN that I did not know and observations and questions. First of all it does say in 3:16-17 all fat is for the lord. It's a law for all time throughout the ages in all of your settlements you must not eat any fat or any blood. Blood seems to apply to God as well as this is not sprinkled around the alter but not burned with the sacrifice. The fat though is something that is specifically for God. Obviously God does not need the fat but it is more symbolism for us in a way we can understand that we are not at the level of God even though we are to strive to imitate God in all our ways.

QUESTION THOUGH. So is the fat of the animal unkosher or only certain animals since here it suggests we are not allowed to eat the fat of the animal. Or is this only for animals being sacrificed which it does seem to suggest here all fat. It uses the hebrew word "Col" All fat.

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