Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Jewish people using the death of 5 Jews (3 children ) to push their political agenda's.

It really is sad. You have those talking about women uniting and lighting candles to bring light into the world which I guess men don't bring any light. And this actually was a woman soilder promoting this with her facebook page all with weapons and war as if Israel to survive it depends all on the military although people that think only women bring light is not helpful for the men who fight and in Israel even though I don't think the men are rewarded for it in any way they don't put women in certain positions.

And then you have those who talk about how this is a homerun and all the leftists are bad. Excuse me. It is almost as if these people dying helps promote your agenda.

It really is horrible and these terrorist should be captured and don't deserve to live. But for crying out loud. Stop using this to push your own agenda's as if their death benefits you. 


SouthernBelle Rivky said...

It was so horrifying to hear about this.

The whole bringing light into darkness I think would be better performed by doing a worthwhile action, not just lighting candles. Of course men bring light into world by their actions too, you know that one. Ditto for little kids and gentiles too, it isn't a Jewish female thing and stupid to think it is.

If one already lights candles like lots of women do, one isn't 'adding' to anything even if one argues mitzvah and not just a tradition. If one wanted to do 'something,' then I think the intent is doing an 'extra' say performing an additional chesed or giving charity or something along those lines, I think is what is meant by light into darkness.

I'm OK with candlelighting is an established tradition and it's pretty to eat dinner by candlelight so maybe say it is honor of Shabbat or beautifying shabbat mitzvah just like having nice table settings and fresh flowers adds to atmosphere. I doubt Mr. Adam is going to get annoyed with me on by saying that. :) Everyone not just Jews like having nice candlelight dinner.

Oh the rest of what is taught about CL I think is brainwashing. I don't think Mr. Adam wants to hear about how CL is hyped to be something so big. It doesn't do much for me, sorry. Actually I'm sort of phobic around fire, lighting regular little matches absolutely terrify me so I use the extra long lighter. Wacky I know....

The OU has setup a fund for the surviving children. I'm going to wait until I hear of a more direct Israeli setup.

Analytical Adam said...

It's established because many people rightly or wrongly did and just because it is "established" doesn't mean it is necessarily the right thing. It is possible this was based on wicca influence as well.

Actually part of it was likely to seperate themselves from the Karaite postion which in this regard the Karaite position doesn't make a lot of sense and it seems this a true position they had which seems odd as how can you celebrate Shabbos in the dark but they themselves claim (at least some of them) claim it is true.

I really don't sense it is to beautify Shabbos in most cases.