Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Japan and the Nuclear Reactors.

My heart goes out to many Japanese during this horrible earthquake of 8.9. The biggest in 100 years.

One issue is the meltdown of the nuclear reactors which cause excessive radiation.

Here is an interesting article on radiation which by the way there is radiation just by stepping outside and nuclear power emits levels of radiation far below thye background levels of radiation that we experience daily form cosmic rays and from the earth itself. Nonetheless, the idea took hold that even tiny additional amounts of radiation pose a threat.

A man Theodore Rockwell briefly summarized the latest findings on the effects of Atomic Radiation. It was a UN Scientific committee which why I should believe the UN about anything but usually they would scare you not tell you things aren't as bad as thought.

And even in Chernobyl which was less sophisticated  reactor yet the 50 people inside the plant died from the fire and from the radiation. But around the area they found 1,800 children with thyroid nodules. But this problem had nothing to do with this explosion as this part of the world was deficient in Iodine and this was a serious problem before. It says here Cham Dallas a toxicologist visited the area many times and studied mice living close to the reactor You expect them to be in a really bad way. What is weird is that they seem to be unscathed. IT IS FUNNY BECAUSE I BELIEVE THIS BECAUSE I HAD A RUSSIAN WOMAN AT A JOB I WAS AT who said she was near that area and this is the only problem she has a problem with her thyroid which she mentioned before I read this book but that was common in Russia and has little to do with this radiation.

There is a terms called "hormesis". Which means that a substance toxic in large doses has some benefits in small doses and not that the smallest amount is harmful just in large doses it is bad. The EPA though believes any tiny amount of any toxic material is dangerous which of course their job depends on this theory and scare mongering.

I don't know the source but it says here that studies have shown that survivors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki are living longer then Japanese who were nowhere near the blast in 1945. Which I guess is relevant since we are talking about China. And these nukes are much more sophisticated then the one in the Ukrain.

I have to look up where this source is from Chapter 3 of the Politically Incorrect Guide to Science on Good Vibes the Virtue of Radiation.

Of course this is true with vitamins. Taking Iron in a small amount is good but too much Iron is toxic.


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Sadly people had abortions out of fear.

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One more post which also does seem to feel that the one cancer it causes is thyroid cancer and to take iodine pills. Of course Russian's were deficient in Iodine and this had nothing to do with Chernobyl.
You would think radiation would cause more then one type of cancer so I can't believe it and I guess the levels overall were not enough to increase cancer and death risk for people not directly in the plant.