Sunday, March 20, 2011

Happy Purim to everyone. Story isn't quite as simple as I learned growing up.

Happy Purim to all as this is the story of the Jews who were targeted by Haman and his plot discovered and the Jews being allowed to defend themselves and Haman being hung instead of Mordechai.

It is NOT a biblical holiday but we are allowed to celebrate God protecting us from our enemies as was the case here and thank you Nehemiah Gordon for pointing out Numbers 10:10 where it says on your joyous occasions, fixed holidays, and new moon days. We can celebrate other joyous occasions as here God foiled the plot of Haman.

The two hero's Mordechai and Esther are the reason the Jews were saved as Mordechai did not go along with the politics of the time as many Jews did in going to the party of Achasverious (Xerxes). He did not bow down to Haman which how dare he not bow down to some man in the government which Haman was a high official promoted by Achasverus. (Esther 3:1)

The other hero in the story Esther became Queen instead of Vasti who was disposed because she did not want to appear before the King to show off her beauty (as to why there is commentary on that) but the Kings adviser's were concerned that other women would follow Vasti's lead and a nation where women don't listen to their husbands would be scorned so they had to do something about Vasti which they had some sophistication. And sent a letter that every nation in its won language that every man should wield authority in his home and speak the language of his people. Which interesting they respected othe4r cultures and some of the reason they became a large nation was that they gave some rights to other men from reading this although of course having a party like they had was over the top.

But anyway so Esther replaced Vasti eventually and Esther told Achasverosh from Mordechai of the two men who wanted to kill him.

Esther eventually is in the situation that she has to defend her own people and is afraid of the consequences to which Mordechai tell her that maybe that she was put in this position in the first place and that is she doesn't she will not be saved with her people. To which she does put herself at risk and soon it does unravel including the fact that Mordchai revealed a plot against Achasverus and Haman is hung instead of Mordechai.

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