Wednesday, March 23, 2011

God's way of protecting women. Different then man made ways of protecting women.

That is for sure. Just one example. Leviticus 18:19. Do not come near a woman during her period of  uncleanliness to uncover her nakedness. In this case God was criticizing the nations that live in Israel before the Jews for this practice among others. God felt this was a time that it was not APPROPRIATE to have relations for obvious reasons and this applied to any nation as God felt this was an action that was a defilement.

Sadly, the MAN MADE LAWS that the Rabbi's decided were the ONLY ITEMS NON-JEWS HAD TO DO (but they excluded important items and in additions made the punishment barbaric and not proportionate to the behavior) excluded that men and women shouldn't have relations during this time.  Yet they have many man made idea's to show that they care about women but this biblical idea that seems to apply to ALL NATIONS not just the Jewish People they don't feel this is an issue that is important for non-Jews and even a requirement.

Anyway, tomorrow am going to post on last weeks bible reading but just felt had to mention something I was thinking about.

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