Sunday, March 20, 2011

The gender of the animal. Wondering what the reason is.

Interesting observation. The gender of the sacrifice. For a general offering the animal has to be male. A peace offering can be either male or female. If it is a sin by neglect the Cohen Gadol or the general population erred by neglect they sacrifice a young bull doesn't mention the gender. However, if an individual sins by neglect his or her sacrifice (I guess although not sure a husband maybe would give a sacrifice for his wife's unintentional sin or child's unintentional sin as a man would capture the animal I would think) but the gender for an unintentional sin is female. So wondering why that is. Answer I could think of is if a man is focused on sexual pleasures with women (not in a healthy sense or with responsibility that the pregnancy and children he will be responsible for) or even women themselves overly focused on being the most attractive for vain purposes will lead to neglect of God's torah and mistakes being made.

To some this may be offensive and many people find the bible sexist including Rabbinic Judaism but maybe that is why family life is so fragile and unhealthy in many respects and it is leading to big government taking the place of family as people don't trust family life when we try to make family life fit certain politically correct agenda's.

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