Sunday, March 20, 2011

The elders of the community.

It is interesting that if the community as a whole sinned unintentionally it says the "elders of the community" (the hebrew word Ziknei Ha'Eda) shall lay their hands upon the head of the bull.

Of course this will be used by Rabbi's to claim that this proves that we need the Rabbi's. The problem with that argument is Moses picked the leaders by men of charcter who disliked ill gotton gain. Today Rabbi's are picked not based on character by passing a test on some aspect of the talmud and that is about it. That doesn't mean they have good character traits and love and fear God.

Also it is interesting they use this term of Elders of the community meaning having life experience does mean something. And a leader maybe shouldn't be too young because their life experience is limited. Do Rabbi's care about life experience? Absolutely not!!!

It is a problem for the Karaties that it shouldn't just be left to the individual as they claim and it is important to learn from those who have more life experience and have good character as well.

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