Sunday, March 20, 2011

A couple of interesting observations on Purim and Mordechai and Esther .

One which isn't so new but is the fact that the women that was a hero in this story as well as her Uncle Mordechai listened to her Uncle although he was being harsh but had to be as she was in a position to do something.

The story with Esther though is in some ways not ideal for her. I am sure didn't benefit her so much as she basically had to marry a Persian King. And her children I know according to the Rabbi's would be Jewish but let us face it that the father is Persian and certainly in this case Achashverus appreciated the fact that Mordchai the Jew saved his life but the children I would think would be the next Persian King and would be raised with that focus in mind. Which because the Jewish people sinned by going to the Persian parties that weren't really morally based Esther to save her own people had to sacrifice the fact that her children wouldn't be Jewish since the father was a Persian King. Although she is remembered (even in Iran)as is Mordechai who it sounds like he also had no children either. Now we have a new Haman in Achmidinijad who clearly wants to destroy the Jewish people.

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